Explore the Unique Beauty of Tibet at low Cost, High Fun & Reliable Tours
Explore the Unique Beauty of Tibet at low Cost, High Fun & Reliable Tours

Tourists can explore the beauty of Tibet by the help of most reliable tour agencies which provides high quality services with great fun, entertainment and enjoyment that too available at very low cost. For assisting the travelers, there are many guidebooks for Tibet travel which helps a lot in making the Tibet plan. To relish the beauty of uniqueness and harshness of the climate of Tibet plateau. The Tibet travel gives the visitors the basic idea of about what to prepare for the photography tour full of surprises like shooting and many more exercises which brings smile on the tourists face. There are many performances and entertainment programs full of some traditional dance performances and many other programs which attract the tourists a lot. Tibet is very safe place even for female or solo travelers. Tibetans are very hospitable and caring. This place can be visited by the tourists any time of the year but the best time to plan for the trip is from April to November thus avoiding cold and dry weathers of December to February.

Attractions of Tibet

Tibetan Festivals- Lot of festivals is celebrated in Tibet which really attracts the tourists very much. Tibetan festivals are mainly influenced by Buddhism full of the strong religious aroma. Through these festivals, opportunities are offered to them for expressing their prayers to their deities Buddha and nature both because it is due to God’s mercy and with Buddha’s protection, people of Tibet are able to face the harsh and very cold natural environment together with the hard working conditions. Almost in every month there are festivals which attracts tourists as there are dancing monks seen at the end of the year, Losar is the new year festival full of colorful exercises eg. Tibetan drama, charm dancing, chang drinking, Gyantse horse racing is a traditional festival which occurs in the month of June featuring dances, picnics, archery, Butter oil lantern festival, saga dawa festival, harvest festival and many more.

Tibetan Arts- The Tibetan Arts & Painting is highly symbolic and exclusively devotional in nature. The Tibetan painting of mural was highly influenced by the Indians. The central Buddhist deity is surrounded by many smaller deities in the paintings. Tibetan sculptures are mainly divided into wood, mud, stone and metal sculptures. These are found in palace and temples etc. Mostly tourists love the masks of the Tibetan art made up of bronze, wood and clay masks.

Tibetan Opera- It is originated from Tibetan dance, in it the actor and actresses are dresses in colorful costumes wearing specially made props and masks sing, speak and dance. The Tibetan Opera has variety of facial masks each depicting different meaning. Tibetan Opera has become the most important part of Shoton festival in Lhasa.

Ballad Singing- Ballad singing is either performed by one singer or two and sometimes accompanied by the musical instruments. Tibetans loved the epics very much.

Tibetan Architecture- The architecture of Tibet is categorized into monasteries, gardens and civil use buildings. The monasteries and castles are very beautiful and amazing attracting tourists a lot.

Therefore for enjoying these amazing, beautiful and unique features of Tibet, it is very important to visit this place and for it Tibet Travel permit can be easily arranged by the Leading Tibet travel Agencyand thus tourists without any stress can arrange their picnic plans or tours with the travel agency easily.

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