3 Best Torrent Sites That Are Safe and Fast to Download
3 Best Torrent Sites That Are Safe and Fast to Download

Torrent sites are by far the most authentic source of songs, movies, games and many more that you can download safely in your desktop and watch it for free. It is not only easy to access but the options of movies, songs and TV series are innumerable.  

So the only thing we need right now is to just download utorrent or any other site for that matter. We also need to get a hard disk of at least 1 TB, to store the movies. But you need to remember one thing. If you find any pirated version of a movie then it is advisable that you do not download the data and inform it to the legal authorities.  

It is not feasible to watch pirated movies as it hampers the effort and the money that had been spent to make the movie. Here are some of the free torrent sites that you can try for safe and fast download. 


You can easily watch a movie for free when you download utorrent. However, RARBG is also a torrent site which stores some authentic collection of movies. Found in 2008, it originally started its career with being a Bulgarian tracker. However, now it is helping us to download movies via the BitTorrent formula. It enables peer-to-peer file sharing system.  

RARBG not only updates itself with new torrents but you can pretty easily get the link for the torrent file without finding any sneaky doorway. It is one of the best torrent sites to be known for its unique collection of songs, videos, games, and applications.  

The Country Block List: 

  • Bulgaria 

  • United Kingdom 

  • Denmark 

  • Portugal  

  • Saudi Arabia 

2. Torlock 

Turlock is one of those sites which does not allow any fake link. The collection is awesome without much-pirated movies. It is a rare website where there is a totally different search engine dedicated to finding different types of the torrent. The files are based on the movie or song which you have typed.  

Apart from having a large database of more than 5 million videos, songs, games, applications, and other software, it is also known for paying its users for finding any fake torrent link.  

This is their unique and copyrighted marketing technique where they also maintain their reputation of providing best customer service and it is also said to be best for countries which have allowed one of the best torrent sites in their internet. However, there are countries which tend to dislike it.  

The Country Block List: 

  • Netherlands 

  • Italy 

  • Denmark 

  • Finland 

  • United Kingdom 

 3. YTS is yet another site which uses utorrent formula. So you can easily find the link of movies which you can watch if you download utorrent. Not only that, it is one of those rarest torrent sites which also provide subtitles with the movies. The quality of the files is also pretty decent. One providing 720 Hd rip and another providing 1080 Hd rip.  

The site can be easily accessed due to its user-friendly interface and minimal website design. It also gives a synopsis of the file that you will be downloading to give you a brief introduction about the file. It has a massive user base and it helps in making the BitTorrent protocol work. But these best torrent sites are banned in certain countries. 

The Country Block List: 

  • Australia 

  • Greece  

  • Ireland 

  • Argentina 

  • United Kingdom 


Always try to figure out which best torrent sites are banned in your country. It is because if you accidentally download from a site you do not know if legal in your country or not. You can be tracked and charged with criminal offenses.  

Moreover, you can always download utorrent. It is one of the safest and fastest sites where you can easily download anything and everything. However, keep your data safe in your computer. Do not let any virus attack it. You can always use antiviruses which are good for your core processor.  

Although, try to keep an external hard disk where you can keep back up of everything you have downloaded. Now every night will be a movie night, with the best torrent sites installed in your operating system.  

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