Here we present a selection of titles by leading experts in the field on what management is all about and how can one hope to become a great manager. Even if the views of some of these experts might also differ, it would offer you rare insights into the world of management and what makes managers think the way they do.


  • High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove

This is a great book for beginners Authored by former chairman and CEO of Intel, this best management book details1 on effective techniques for building businesses from the ground up and managing efficiently. broadening the scope and breadth of management.


  • The Essential Drucker By Peter F. Drucker

The Essential Drucker is a compiled book of no less than twenty-six selections from the works of this legendary figure, widely acknowledged as the Father of modern management. Peter F. Drucker has been sharing his valuable insights on management.


  • The Rules of Management: A Definitive Code for Managerial Success by Richard Templar

An ideal management book to help you for improving your management skills and get going on the way to be a better manager. It has good rating on keyword management book online India.


  • The great game of business: The only sensible way to run a company By Jack Stack

Unlike most other books on management which are all about complex strategies and concepts, this author shares a revolutionary approach to managing a business, developed by the employees of a large company when it was in very easy words and basic elements.


  • Six thinking hats: An essential approach to business management By Edward De Bono

An unusual management book on decision-making by a leading authority on conceptual thinking. Some people might think that management is all about strategies and their effective implementation or knowing how to managing people and resources.


  • First, break all the rules: What the world’s greatest managers do differently by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

This best management book is based on the findings of a massive study conducted by Gallup on what makes a great manager.


  • The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Authors have put in commendable effort to prepare a treatise which is in easy words, understand and implement in a step by step manner, helping achieve intensified productivity, professional work satisfaction, and individual growth


  • What Management Is by Joan Magritte

The author browses some of the oft-ignored aspects of management in this informative volume and offers a complete overview of the core concepts of management. A manager might be good at some of the things he is required to do but management is all about making all components of an ideal system come together, which is what this work. It also has good reviews from buyers in management book online India


  • Financial Intelligence by Karen Berman and Joe Knight

A unique task on management which focuses on the significance of economical awareness for a manager to be able to make key decisions in an informed way. The authors argue that a lot of managers are not properly acquainted with basic financial concepts and know even little about the source of economical information.


  • The One Thing You Need to Know’ by Marcus Buckingham

This work offers a great deal of clarity to readers on the concept and practices of management than most others on this topic where a lot of ideas are afforded without much substance. A wealth of relevant and organized information is provided to the readers in this work and tips on how to develop good management skills beginning with the management of the self.


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