What are Permalinks in WordPress?

Permalinks are among the key parameters of any WordPress ( blog, and something that you should set right away to launch the website.


Why permalinks are important in WordPress?


The permalinks that the world identifies the individual pieces of content on your WordPress blog


1) If another blogger wants to link to your content, they point to one of your permalinks.

2) If you want to share your content on social media, you share the permalink.

3) If Google wants to index a piece of your content, they use the permalink.

4) If you want to show your content to a friend, by mentioning it in an email for example, then you give them the permalink.


Common settings


* Default - An example of the default structure is


* Day and name - An example of the day and name based structure is


* Month and name - An example of the month and name based structure is


* Numeric - An example of the numeric structure is


* Post name - An example of the post name structure is


* Custom structure - In the box specify the custom structure you desire to use. One example is /archives/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/. Look at the Using Permalinks article for further discussion of Permalink Structure Tags.


The default permalink structure therefore is:



How to set the permalink structure in WordPress


To set your permalink structure, go to login to web hosting ( Dashboard. Once there, select this option:



Choose the one labelled “Post name.” The standard permalinks in WordPress are “Post name.”



After you select that new permalink structure (“Post name”), just click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the settings page:


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