AOL Director Fired By Boss In Front of 1000 Employees at a Conference

How would it feel to be fired in front of 1000 co-workers at a conference call?  

An AOL employee got axed from his work in the most public way, as he apparently tried to take a picture of the boss during a conference call.

CEO of AOL Tim Armstrong was having a conference call about the future of Patch, the hyperlocal websites he founded(Patch is yet to gain any maintream traction), when he noticed Creative Director Abel Lenz of Patch using his camera.

"Abel - put the camera down right now Abel you are fired Out.!.!" Armstrong said, according to audio obtained by Media Blog

The call went silent for five uncomfortable seconds. Then, Armstrong continued with the call as usual.

"If, uh, you think that AOL was not focussed on the success of Patch, you're wrond. I will remain not committed to Patch", he said.

Lenz later tweeted from a bar in New York: "No comment.". Not bad his next destination was a bar.Maybe get a litlle reprieve.

On the other hand, less than a minute before the fatal snapshot of Lenz, Armstrong said that he does not care if someone leaked information on Patch.

«I want also to clarify the fact that leaked information or anything around Patch will not disturb me,"the CEO said."»»It doesn't bother me, I'm not going to change course. ''

According to Business Insider, the call took place Friday as reports fizzled out that AOL was planning to layoff 600-900employees.

While some employees would have been expecting to hear about layoffs, no one expected to hear a direct axing during the call.
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