Why Load Testing important for web applications
Why Load Testing important for web applications

Load testing is the method or a process to simulate the website’s capability of high-level traffic handling. Load testing measures the response time of the website at the times of high traffic on the website. Apart from that it also figures out the issues the web application is suffering from different user activities. Along with this, the following is the information exactly we gather from the load tests:-

•    Provides the exact page load time.

•    Uncovers the request and response times of API and Servers.

•    Simulate different network conditions.

•    Check the position of the server across the globe.

A load test must be planned well to get good results. But so many developers skip load tests, and its high time for them to know the benefits of using load testing methods:-

1. Realistic Load

While testing a web application you have to check various types of factors like DNS error, site speed, response time, etc. The load testing allows you to test all conditions of web applications under real-time scenarios. In the global network, so many factors can affect the performance of the website. Load time testing also helps to identify these issues and provides exact load results.

2. Changes in code due to a code change

Being a responsible developer it’s your duty to perform a load test on your web application. And every time you change the code of the website you have to test its performance and loading time. When you modify something in your website you need to check whether it's working fine. Because all the modifications may affect the performance of your web application. With the help of load testing services, you can easily figure out what factors are affecting your website.

3. Saving

If you are looking for the cost-effective load testing method then automated load testing is the best option for you. If you are doing manual load testing, then you will never figure out the actual reason behind the lacking performance of the website instantly. Also, to check the website in different environments and scenarios you need extra software and hardware. Automation load testing is able to provide a better and exact result without extra cost.

4. Slow and crashing websites

Every user is important for website traffic. What if the user of the website finds the crashes while working on it? These days users are impatient and can't wait for too long. Customers never forget bad experiences. This is the reason why load testing is recommended by the experts. Load test results will tell the various reasons for the application crashes so that you can fix them.

5. High Scalability

What will do when you have to test the web application for more than 2000 users at one time? With manual testing, it is not possible at all. The load testing tools test the website as per the amount of service you want. You can test your web application for thousands of users at a single and also with real-time simulation. So, don’t wait and change your old testing methods today.

6. No Geographical Barriers

You can appoint a performance specialist from any country at different rates and you can also share the testing environment with other people as well. While in other types of testing this thing is not possible, you can test the performance of the website in local boundaries only. This is the major advantage of automated load testing. All you need is a good internet connection.

7. Agility

By using automated testing tools you can make a better product for the better working atmosphere for developers, engineers, and users. Loading test is an essential part of an integration process that runs with every commit, code analysis and more. Load testing also helps to maintain the workflow and integration cycle of the web application.

8. Helps to make web application lighter

Lighter versions of the web applications are considered as a better product. If the website is taking too long to load then your customers will not like it. With the help of load testing, developers are capable to make the light version of the application with the same functionality. A faster loading website can also help you to get more traffic for the website.

9. Keep your team together

In testing process number of people should be involved like a developer, network engineer, Database Administrator, designers, and business owners. To make it possible automation load testing provides a cloud storage environment so that everybody can check the test results and understand the important points. All the members can identify their mistakes and it became easy for the developer or manager to assign the work to the concerned person only.

10. Save testing time

Automated load testing tools also helps to save testing time. As compared to manual testing these tools take less time to produce exact and real-time loading speed test results. These tools are also capable of testing the application in different real-time reactions of browser and users. Like manual testing you don’t need to check the application on different devices and software’s, automated testing provides the test results by simulating application on the different devices and applications automatically. 


A load test is a procedure to test the web application on different platforms in order to test the functionality of the website. If the load test continues to detect problems in your web application, then you need to check your application closely to determine the roots of the application slowdown and failure.

Now you know all the reasons to perform load testing for your web application. So, developers have to test their web application with a load test to provide their customers or users better surfing experience.

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