What is so attractive about making a career in the military?

What is so attractive about making a career in the military?

Have you ever thought of joining the U.S. military but confused about doing it or not? Well, the military is a profession that concerns shielding your motherland against notorious situations. Whether you are considering to pursue it for the sake of patriotism and duty, action and adventure, or else, you want a stable job in a depressed economy; the military has got something for everyone.

This post will expose you to some of the wavering benefits militaries would drive to you if you choose to pursue it as a profession.

Patriotism, sense of duty, and protecting nation

The military is all about serving for your homeland/nation. It is not just to render your services to protect your motherland and the people residing in it all times. Instead, it is about serving your blood for their eternal safety and security.  It teaches the true meaning of love and service. As a profession, it grooms your personality and makes you a responsible and patriotic individual.

High pay scale and benefits

The military is one of the highest paid fields in the U.S. with handsome packages along with full-fledged benefits to every individual.

•    A new enlisted person begins his career within the profession of the military with an average pay of $20,000 a year excluded the additional monthly allowances of $1,500 approx.

•    A new second lieutenant receives about $36,000 a year excluding other allowances of about $3,000 monthly.

•    There are also enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses ranging from $20,000 to $90,000 approx.

•    Concerning the pensions, it provides full pension on a service of 20 years.

•    The average retirement pay ranges from 50-75% of the average three years' salary.

Full medical benefits

The military provides full medical benefits to every service provider. Not only this, but these benefits are also available for immediate family members, i.e., children, spouse, and dependents (parents in some cases). Moreover, these benefits can also be availed even after your retirement in a few instances.

Vacations and traveling

The military provides its service providers free-of-cost vacation packages for the whole family. Every individual receives a 30-day leave per year excluding federal holidays and weekends. Moreover, there are numerous military resorts, hotels, and parks all around the world that are available for these individuals and their families at meager prices.

Military benefits can go beyond one's imagination. Such as, they can catch up on any military hop (only if the seats are available) and travel all around the world. These flights are usually free or else as low as $5.

Abundance of jobs

The military is one of that profession in which jobs comes hand in hand. Considering the USA, even if tomorrow the economy will be in depression with no posts, rising costs, and outsourcing, there will be one profession running smoothly with no flaws, i.e., military.


Military individuals enjoy free educational benefits. They can study for free when they are off duty. Plus, these individuals who have served for more than 36 months receives a free-living stipend and free tuition allowance even after leaving the military.

Leadership opportunity

Military leadership is a smart strategy that helps an individual to let his resume stand out from the crowd. It grooms one's personality in a way that seems perfect for every other profession. This is because it fosters discipline, punctuality, and hard work as the prime characteristics within a person.

Lifetime disability compensation and insurance

In cases of disability during service, these individuals are deemed to receive lifetime compensation. Moreover, in the case of the service member's death, his survivors are granted with an immediate death gratuity benefit of $100,000. Furthermore, they are also entertained with lifetime insurance along with the transfer of some V.A. benefits.


The military is a profession that has no rival in the ground. It stands best alone. However, the majority runs away from it fearing about high mortality rate. However, it's not reality. It is way secured now. The fear of mortality stops many young souls to walk into this field. The above post explains that the military is not only bound to dangers. Instead, it has many attractions as well.

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