CBD Lip Balms: The 4 Benefits!
CBD Lip Balms: The 4 Benefits!

One of the facial features that change the face beauty game is lips. Your lips are an essential part of your beautiful face. Because they help you smile. And there is nothing beautiful to wear than a gorgeous, stunning smile. To make that smile look seamlessly perfect, everyone likes their lips to be hydrated, soft, smooth and pink. But have you ever noticed that why only this special feature often ends up looking dry and dehydrated? It is because of the fact that our lips do not have sweat glands which help in keeping other parts of other body moisturized and soft. This is exactly why our lips get quickly dry if we do not put enough effort to make them look otherwise. With age, the lips start getting thinner and less flexible as collagen production decreases. This result in even more disastrous situations if the right steps are not taken at the right time.

Now there are many ways to keep the lips soft and smooth. But the easiest and quickest way is by using a lip balm. We will explain shortly what a lip balm exactly is. But as we know there are so many types of lip balms available in the market. We need to know the ones that will give us the best benefits. Hence, today we will help you in finding the best balms around.

What exactly is CBD?

But before we jump into that let me introduce you to the most popular medicinal compound of today: CBD. Why is it relevant? You will get to know in a minute. So, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is present in a plant known as Cannabis Sativa. You are probably thinking that you heard this name somewhere. Well, you may be right. Along with CBD, there are more than a hundred and twelve other compounds present in the Cannabis Sativa. One of them is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the same compound which is behind the high-ness of marijuana and is illegal in most of the states. But the main point is that it is completely different from CBD in this perspective. CBD is not at all psycho-active and does not, in any way, alter your mind and senses. Instead, CBD is highly known for its amazing clinical and therapeutic benefits. Its benefits start from glowing skin, goes to a healthy heart and beyond. There are endless benefits of CBD and more are being added to the list every day with the research going on. CBD is available in the shapes of many different products such as CBD lotions, CBD lip balms, CBD shampoo, CBD oil and pills etc.

Why CBD Lip balms?

Now, with that being said, you just want to know why you should opt for CBD balms instead of common regular balms. But before that let us tell you what a lip balm is.

Lip balm has a waxy texture which is applied directly to the lips. Primarily, it was introduced to help avoid lip chapping and cracking during winters. It protects lips from getting dehydrated and parched. Anyone who has ever experienced having a dry, cracked lip knows the pain. It becomes hard to smile, laugh or even eat. Worst case scenario includes bleeding from the cracks too.

With the help of a lip balm, a protective shield can be built between the lips and the dry weather to avoid all that is painful and not pretty. It keeps the lips protected, moisturized and healthy.

Now the question is why CBD lip balms? As we have already told you that CBD has magical healing powers. It takes your regular lip balm to a whole another level. CBD is the game changer in the lip balm industry. It offers you the regular protection with added amazing benefits of CBD.

The top 4 benefits of Using CBD infused Lip Balms.

We know this much that using CBD lip balms is your easy ticket to healthy, hydrated and moisturized lips. But something tells me that you are still not convinced. Why not give you detailed benefits of these lips balms to help you make your mind.

Interaction with Skin’s Endocannabinoid System:

You probably already know that the human body has its very own Endocannabinoid system present naturally. CBD has a way to interact with this natural system and improves the performance of some relative systems including the ones related to immunity, healing and calming the pain and inflammation.

So, when you apply a CBD balm, it makes its way to the endocannabinoid system of the skin and helps it out in balancing out any disruption of skin be it drying, cracking, dehydrating etc. It also helps in regeneration of skin cells for better and improved lips. In short, it can help you in having baby-like lips.

Quick Recovery:

According to research, the skin has the ability to heal faster when it is kept hydrated and moisturized. Now, as the skin on our lips is a lot thinner than our facial skin, it heals a lot faster. CBD infused lip balms not only helps in keeping the lips hydrated but also rapidly recover the natural softness and smoothness.

Soothing the cracked and chapped lips:

Whether it is the dry, cold winter or the hot, blistering summer, neither is friendly for cracked and chapped lips. And a CBD lip balm will work wonders for your lips in both kinds of weather. It would still be equally good even if the temperature falls below zero. It will soothe the chapped lips and alleviate the pain that comes from cracking. 

Better Looks:

Well, your skin highly appreciates little acts of self-love and self-care. Especially your lips. A little extra token of love can change your pout game forever. CBD lip balms will not only heal your lips but will change their entire appearance. They will start looking peachy pink and better than ever.

A flavored, 100% organic lip balm infused with CBD is ready to change your pout game forever. But the question is: Are you ready?


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