4 Affordable Soldering Aids To Make Soldering Convenient, Safer And Error Free

While people may not be aware of the history of soldering and believe it is related to electronics only, the facts depict the contrary. The use of solder has been found to take place in ancient Mesopotamia around 5000 years ago, much before modern electronics. The predominant use of soldering is in the electronics industry for forming connections between the electrical components of a printed circuit board. Soldering is used in other areas including Jewellery making, roofing, glass and mosaic industry, auto repair, home projects, plumbing, and in other areas.

Soldering Iron

The soldering irons are highly versatile and efficient tools, and we now have more evolved variations including the soldering stations from leading brands like Hakko. The new soldering iron possesses the temperature control feature because different soldering jobs may require different temperatures of the soldering tip. Using a quality soldering iron (which is microprocessor-based) will impact the quality of the soldering positively. There are a wide variety of tip sizes and forms that can be attached to the soldering irons and you can complete your job/ project in the desired way. The auto-sleep feature helps in enhancing the life of the soldering iron while providing for energy efficiency.

There are certain other soldering aids as well that can improve the quality of soldering work, make it safer, and provide other benefits. These aids also have low costs. These aids also have low costs. Here are 4 of the important soldering aids that you should use.

Flux Pen

A solder flux (a chemical substance consisting of rosin or Ammonium Chloride among other substances) prevents oxidation at the site of soldering, provides for better bonding of solder, and has many other benefits. While the original earlier soldering wires had an adequate amount of flux, the new soldering wires are thin. Therefore, wetting and other problems may occur in the absence of an adequate amount of flux. Flux Pens are a convenient and effective way to apply flux at any soldering point/site. For high-quality electronic works, you would prefer these pens.

Solder Wick and Solder Pump

The solder wick is another inexpensive aid that can be used to remove the excessive accumulation of solder. The excessive solder fluid accumulation can be removed by the braids of copper/tin wires. The wicks are available in a range of sizes and provide for highly precise cleanup.
The larger cleanups can be accomplished through the use of a solder pump, also known by the name solder sucker. The use of the solder pump may be essential when you have to remove one or more through-hole components from the board. The new irons may also have integrated solder pumps. There are also smaller versions of the pump available that can be used with a single hand as well. See to it that you have one of these while working on your soldering bench.

Magnifying Glass

Working on small electronic components requires you to use an aid to improve the visibility, and to remove errors. A magnifying glass is an inexpensive tool that can be used for the purpose. The light and magnified glass combinations are also available for improving soldering outcomes.

Third Hand

If you are new to soldering and lack the dexterity, you can use the “third hand”, another soldering aid that makes the task convenient. The clamps will hold the components and some also come with a magnifying glass attached to them.

You can buy a soldering gun from a reputed supplier, so that you get a reliable tool and allied maintenance or troubleshooting services whenever required.

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