A Walk through Origin, Usage and Significance of Mayan Oracle for Spiritual Awakening

The Mayan Oracle is a hands-on tool that is mostly used to leverage one’s potential for spiritual growth and development. It came into existence by the end of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012. One of the divination systems, the oracle helps us get a galactic perspective of our being and the surroundings, whereas other divination systems work to make us aware of our mortal (earth) selves. Using the Mayan astrology symbols, which constitute a language of astronomical or galactic light, the Mayan Oracle helps transcend our human experience on earth into a spiritual experience of the infinite.


Believed to have been originated in a prophetic dream, the Mayan Oracle is a set of 44 color divination cards. Each of the divination cards represents and describes Mayan zodiac symbols. The set of 44 full-color divination cards works as an in-depth guidebook which contains detailed instructions on how to harness spiritual energies and make the most of them for our self-awakening and an awakening of the mass.


The divination cards of the Mayan Oracle are divided into three groups. The three groups are twenty Mayan star glyphs, thirteen numbers and eleven lenses of mystery. The most of the power of the Maya Oracle lies in the star-glyph cards; each carries a sacred code or depicts a divine ‘face of the Creator.’ The twenty star-glyph cards and thirteen number cards, when combined together, correspond to the significance of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. 


The Mayan Oracle helps decipher the divinatory meaning of the cards and their associated symbolical significance. It also helps turn the key to unlock the significance of the cards’ respective colors, herbs, rituals and prohibitions. What exercises and other activities are suitable for developing one’s divinatory insight and intuition, can also be explained using the cards and studying their significance. The guidebook that the total of 44 divination cards constitutes dishes out information on the usage of each of the Mayan astrology symbols and associated attributes as well as elements: both earthly and spiritual, mortal and divine.


Designed to kindle one’s intuitive power and insight into the future, the Mayan Oracle facilitates interaction with the Mayan archetypes, which in turn helps arouse one’s consciousness and elevate it to the next level of seeing the world and comprehending the things. Thereby, it transforms one’s outlook to the outer world.


The eleven lens of mystery cards, which constitute the third group of Mayan Oracle divination cards, feature fundamental geometric symbols in two colors: white and purple. The lens of mystery cards are divided into two: the Shadow card and the Transformer card. The Shadow card depicts a circle, one half of which is dark and the other half is light. A circle with a lightning bold is the distinction of the Transformer card.     


You can read here more about the Four Directions, compatibilities and relationships based on Mayan Signs.

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