Four Essential Tips For Small Business Homepage Designs That Actually Work
Four Essential Tips For Small Business Homepage Designs That Actually Work

If you are a small business owner, you know your business needs a website. If you missed the chance to create a website for your business, indirectly you make a big mistake and push your business in a big loss. Your website is able to build your presence and it also redefine your brand name online.

May be your clients are looking for you online through their mobile, tablets, laptop or desktop. It means, your business or brand need to be online and you can do this through a website. This website works for you to grow your business worldwide. Web designer and developer in Mississauga tell you something about small business homepage design. If you are thinking about to build a new website, these tips will be helpful for you. Here are these.

1. Clear one sentence tagline: Start your home page with a tagline that encapsulates who you are, what the company does, where and why your users can find you. Make a good looking website is just half of the battle. To make your strong position in internet marketing you have to create a website homepage that is able to provide information what your client looking for. For this, give a little description about your company and services.

2. Target your customers: Why people landed on your website? It is very common question and every business owner need to think about it. As a businessman, maybe you know customers land on your site for the information what they search. So, if you want they get everything on your site and stay for longer, you need to target them. Means provides the information, services and products which they want.

3. Call to action button: If customers landed on your site home page instead of website’s internal pages, it means your clients are just looking for your brand name. They are not interested in what you sell. In this situation, you can help them by providing a call to action button. Call to action, it does not mean that you can just offer your office address or a contact number. It can be your company’s LinkedIn page, Facebook page or Twitter account.

4. Easy navigation: Generally, navigation tabs consist on every page of the website. But it is very important that you have clear navigation. Don’t add more than seven to eight tabs and make every tab clickable.

Designing or redesigning your website’s homepage is crucial for your business. Keep in mind these given tips when you consider about designing or redesigning a home page of your site. Web developers and designers of Citrus Studio in Mississauga helps you, if you require. Get in touch with us for more information.



Four Mistakes That Can Quickly Kill Your Website Design Project


When it comes to designing a website, everyone dreams of success. You may know everything about web designing, still, the competition of creating something new can cost you your success. Because, there are some minor things that a web designer may overlook while designing. As a result, these small things leave a big impact on your business revenue and success. On the other side, you may be using everything accurately, if it is ineffective, you will not get a profitable result.

Here are some mistakes that can badly impact your website design project:

  • Vague Visuals

Deciding what type of website you want for your business is hard, but not impossible. You need to do good research on other sites and decide the best for yours. Your web design should not be an exact copy of someone else. Instead, it should be a mixture of the best web trends and attractive design elements.

  • Reused Content

You need to follow two important things in the content section:

1. If you are creating a new website, make sure to use the fresh content. It should be easy to read, simple to adapt and engaging to get visitors interaction.

2. If you already have a website and want to update it, you should add the new things and define your services in a better way and take time to rewrite the content.

  • No Call To Action

No call to action, means you are not providing a way to your online audience to connect with you. If you want people to visit your site, obviously, there should be an effective and compelling CTA placed on the home page or sidebars that can help convert your site visitors into loyal customers. Don’t create CTA only for formality, it should be engaging and compelling.

  • Ignoring SEO

Ignoring SEO in your website design means you don’t want to rank your website. If you are the one who relies on the telemarketing, PPC or other methods to drive traffic rather than SEO, your knowledge is incomplete. You should research on SEO as there are many websites getting 100% positive results in their business sales. So, you need to consult with search engine optimizers for keyword research, on-page optimization and SEO based content creation for faster ROI.

In order to create a website that ranks on the top, increase your sales and enhance brand awareness, you can approach Citrus Studio. We have a team of professionalweb designers in Mississauga and developers to provide best-in-class web development and digital marketing services.

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