Dhruv Galgotia Facilitates Students in Their Fight for Voting Rights of People in Jail
Dhruv Galgotia Facilitates Students in Their Fight for Voting Rights of People in Jail

Fighting for social causes is something, which needs to be ingrained in the youth of our country to bring about betterment in society. After all, education is the future of a civilized society and educational institutes are the centres, which create the right ecosystem for development. Every educational institute should follow a curriculum and provide its students with such opportunities to explore the chances to fight for social causes. Galgotias University is one such great university in India and in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which encourages its students to participate in fights for social causes.


Dhruv Galgotia is a visionary who is the head of the institute and the main inspiration for all the students. The law students of Galgotias University in UP are fighting for an inspiring cause of allotting the constitutional right to vote for 4 lakh prisoners in Indian jails under the leadership of Dhruv Galgotia.


Three students are petitioners for the case. They are studying law at the Galgotia University. One of them is a girl and she recalls her childhood wherein she would often see the stark discrimination being done among boys and girls. Girls were never encouraged to be opinionated or be strong in their acts and were mostly taught to be introverts and meek. However, a strong push from her father led her to join this great institution and take up law as her major field of study. Juggling between such a tough schedule and other activities on campus, the petitioners found motivation and managed the time to follow up what is turning out to be one of the strongest Public Interest Litigations (PILs) in the history of Indian democracy.


The three petitioners have challenged the constitutionality of a certain section of the constitution, which bans the prisoners in the jail from voting during elections. The PIL is now catching widespread fire and also agreement from many people across the nation with more people joining them in their cause. The petition comes at the time of one of the biggest elections of all time in India, while the petitioners hope to cash in this time to the best of their interest. With limited resources with them, these students have sure come a long way in fight for the rights of prisoners to vote.


They mostly derive their energies and motivation from their institution lead, Mr. Dhruv Galgotia who is a great visionary and also their friend in motivating them to fight for the cause. With his support, these students have come a long way in their fight for social causes. Universities should follow the footsteps of Galgotia University so that more such talented students become the voice of structuring our future society. No doubt this institute is one of the best in India and one can definitely expect such revolutions to come from the students of Galgotia University. Offering courses in many streams, the Galgotia University is one of the most premier institutes in the country that students should get admitted to.

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