Summer Spruce Up: How to Get Your Home Summer Ready

We all love the sunshine. But we don’t like the light that it shines of the lesser parts of our homes. When the sun comes out we begin to notice those things that didn't matter during winter. The marks on the walls, the dust on the skirting boards and the stains on the carpet suddenly become glaringly obvious. Not to mention the old and outdated furniture! All it takes to rid your home of these flaws is some cleaning, some know-how and some good old fashioned investment!

This article will explore a few of the ways that you can get your home ready for summer. Make your house a home again and be thankful, rather than rueful, for the light that falls through the windows.

Re-investing in furniture

Lets face it, furniture becomes worn during the winter months. While you may not want to completely change your furniture over, getting just one or two new bits can brighten up your home for summer. This might be a bookshelf, a table, a chair or even a new bed. Either way, just adding one new thing to your home can totally transform it for you.

Top Tips:

  • Make use of online discount websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes in order to reduce the cost of your goods. No one wants to spend boat loads at the beginning of each season!

  • If you can't get a whole new piece of furniture then consider doing something a little less extravagant, such as getting your sofa reupholstered or getting some new bedding!

Two Assorted-color Padded Chairs Near Side Table

The little things become big things

Little bits in our homes become dirty, dusty or stained over time. Take a little look at those things that need to be refurbished in your own home and start switching them out for more appealing versions. Here are a few of the home furnishing items that you could take a look at:

  • The curtains: How are your curtains and blinds looking? These can often get a little grubby during the darker months, so refreshening them or investing in new ones can really help to spruce up your home. 247 Blinds is a great place to get new, affordable blinds.

  • Rugs: If you have a rug that has been in your home for a while then it is most likely starting to look a little wilted and used. By getting a new rug you can really work to make your home look and feel new.

  • The walls: White or pale walls can end up picking up a lot of dirt, dust, handprints and marks over time. By cleaning your walls with a damp cloth or even repainting them, you can give them the life that they need to brighten up your home.

Cleaning it up

One of the best things that you can do to make your home look fresh and new during the summer time is to clean it. Often termed the mighty ‘spring clean’, this session should allow you to get into all of those noticeable and unnoticable nooks and crannies to clean them out. Here are a few tips for cleaning your home ready for summer!

Person Using Mop on Floor

Top Tips:

  • Bathroom water marks: By using vinegar or coca cola, you can make bathroom water marks a whole lot easier to remove! This is thanks to the acidic nature of these products.

  • Skirting boards: Go around the skirting boards in your house with some hot soapy water and give them all a good scrub. It really is amazing the difference that clean skirting boards can make to your home!

  • Walls and corners: Go around your home with a feather duster and start clearing out the inevitable build up of dust that has accumulated over the winter. This includes the walls, the corners and behind the TV!

  • Get behind the furniture: You may not be able to see it, but the dirt that resides behind furniture is some of the worst. It is prone to spreading and can be quite an effort if left uncleaned for a long period of time! Make sure that you really get in there and scrub that dirt away!


Having a clean, welcoming and hospitable home is really important for our happiness and piece of mind. If you, like many of us, are starting to notice your home’s flaws now that the sun is out then it may just be time that you spruced it up a bit. So replace some old furniture, invest in a few little bits and give your home a good old fashioned cleaning! May this summer be your home’s cleanest one yet!


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