Eco- Friendly Architecture Design
Eco- Friendly Architecture Design

Green architecture or ecological architecture is a design that is built by keeping all the eco-friendly activities in mind. It is an integration of renewable materials that blend with the urban and rural lifestyles. You can also get a degree in environmental architecture. With our society growing health conscious, we are only a few years far from saving the earth, the term eco-friendly adds a lot of value to the world we live in today. The best to support the eco-friendly architecture is with green architecture.


Green architecture is the process of designing and constructing sensitive designs that benefit the environment. Sustainable development, natural materials and energy-saving will fall into the main objectives of eco-friendly architecture. The main aim of green architecture is to allow minimum damage caused by the construction to the environment in the coming years and for decades. The materials used in the construction should be easy while transition and to create synchrony with the environment. The best materials that could be used for eco-friendly buildings are recycled and restored resources.


Benefits of environment friendly designs

  • It causes less impact on the environment during the construction, designing, maintenance, removal and operation period.
  • It optimizes the resources like water and energy. While the design and construction stage, it adapts the resource recycling when constructing and when the building is in use.
  • It promotes a healthy environment in and around the building because of the better natural air circulation and better use of natural light.
  • The natural topography is used to reduce energy usage.
  • Optimizes resource usage influences recycling resources, especially water. Best focused on building materials from the building site itself.
  • Minimizing the waste sent to landfills by applying recycling facilities.


What are the materials used in Green architecture?


  • Materials that are recycled such as wood, tiles and bricks available at the building site or near surrounding area.
  • Bamboos are used as they can be harvested for commercial use in the later years.
  • Solar energy: Used as an abundant resource for active solar, passive solar and photovoltaic techniques.
  • Packed gravel is used in the parking lots and driveways to reduces the rainwater run-off and replenish the groundwater resources.
  • Insulations are made out of low volatile organic compounds, recycled denim, etc.


We have a few countries that have developed their own standards of Green Architecture for sustainable building and energy-efficient. Given below are some common standards:

1. Code for sustainable homes- UK

2. House Energy Rating - Austria

3. EnerGuide for New Houses - Canada

4. Green Globes - USA, Canada and UK


The future for Ecological Architecture

It is a tough job to design environment-friendly buildings in today's world, given the climate change, the water conditions and the growing population. Ecological Architecture is analyzed to be the way of the future by integrating with the existing landscapes.


Below are the eco-friendly designs that are changing the world we live in:


  • The Evo Villa of Mauritius
  • Hyperion Towers
  • Our H20use
  • BedZed
  • Nanyang Technical University in Singapore
  • The Bamboo skyscraper
  • The Sustainability Treehouse


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