Calcium Hypochlorite The Best Shock For Your Pool

Calcium hypochlorite is regarded as one of the best chemical compounds which are used for the sanitization of water. This ingredient is created by the treatment of calcium oxide or lime with the chlorine gas. The resultant compound happens to be a strong base. This compound is known to showcase high reactions with other organic compounds. It is known for its high pH level. It is available at the least cut off from the pocket and can be used and stored at ease. The presence of a wide array of features has made it the ideal choice for the best pool shock.

The working principle of calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite derives its disinfecting power from the chlorine. The commercially available varieties of this compound comprise of chlorine in the range of 65-75 percent. It is known for adding almost 0.8 parts in each ppm of calcium to the pool water for each one ppm of FC. Hence, you need to take the necessary precautions in case the water of your swimming pool comprises of calcium in higher concentration.

As the calcium hypochlorite comes in contact with the microbes or any other organic contaminant, the chlorine compound it comprises of will cause a disruption in the different functions of the cell after the creation of bond with the enzymes or other components of the cell. This will stop the internal functioning of the bacteria or the rupture the walls of the cell for destroying it, thereby causing a sanitization in the water of the pool.

After bonding with the organic compounds, chlorine turns into CC or captured chlorine. The total chlorine of the swimming pool is known to be the sum total of CC and FC. Calcium hypochlorite is known to function in the best way during night time. It is owing to the fact that it comprises of unstabilized chlorine that gets burned owing to the presence of sunlight. Hence, you should make sure to add the calcium hypochlorite to the swimming pool during the dusk. As you wake up in the morning, you are going to find your swimming pool really sanitized.

Reasons why you should add calcium hypochlorite to the swimming pool

It is a prerequisite to shock the swimming pool regularly for the maintenance of sanitation in a proper manner. Shocking plays an indispensable role in boosting the level of sanitizer. It is also responsible for the reactivation of the sanitizers that are present by the destruction of the chloramines. The creation of such chemical baddies is accomplished as chlorine forms a bond to the organic matter such as body oils, dead skin, leaves. As chlorine gets trapped within the bond, it fails to accomplish its functions in an effective manner. Chloramines leads to the formation of those gases that result in the pool smell and may cause irritation in the lungs, skin, as well as eyes.

In addition to this, chloramines may enhance respiratory issues. Hence, providing them the prerequisite boot contributes to being an integral part in order to maintain the pool.


 Best time for shocking the pool with the calcium hypochlorite

You do not require waiting for the chloramine for reaching the gag-inducing levels for the addition of calcium hypochlorite. The best option is to shock the swimming pool with the aid of calcium hypochlorite once in every week. However, it is recommended to shock the pool on an extensive scale in case there has been a bad storm or there has been windblown debris. You can also shock the pool during additional heavy usage such as during pool parties. In case you find that the water level of the swimming pool has changed in a significant manner, you should make sure to shock the swimming pool.

As you proactively shock the swimming pool with the aid of calcium hypochlorite, it will make sure that the swimming pool has procured the best ever protection against bacteria, algae, and several similar contaminants.

Shocking the pool with the aid of calcium hypochlorite: The checklist

In order to shock the pool with the aid of calcium hypochlorite, you require a five-gallon bucket, calcium hypochlorite, wooden stir stick. The safety gear accessories are inclusive of closed toe shoes, safety goggles, long sleeve pants and shirts, gloves that are chemical resistant.

In order to maintain the proper hygiene of the pool, it is necessary to know the amount of calcium hypochlorite; you need to add to the swimming pool.  Make sure to follow the below mentioned steps in order to find the total amount of calcium hypochlorite, you need for shocking the pool:

  • You require testing the water of the pool for total chlorine and free chlorine with the aid of a testing kit for finding the amount of chlorine that needs to bound to the combined chlorine.
  • After this, you should be subtracting free chlorine from the total chlorine with an eye to finding the captured level of chlorine in ppm.
  • After this, you should be multiplying the level of combined chlorine by ten for getting ten combined chlorine.
  • In the next step, you require subtracting the free chlorine from the production parts per million
  • You should consult the packaging with an eye to figuring out the total amount of calcium hypochlorite that should be added to one part per million of chlorine in ten thousand gallons of water.
  • Again, the volume of the pool needs to be divided by ten thousand gallons
  • The next step involves the multiplication of the total count of shock require by the volume of the dividend pool as well as the difference
  • In the immediate step, you require dividing the answer by sixteen with an eye to determining the total amount of calcium chloride, you require for shocking the pool.

Calcium hypochlorite is regarded as the best option for shocking the pool. You can ensure the sanitization of the pool and thus proper health and hygiene for your family members as you shock the pool on a regular basis with the aid of calcium hypochlorite.

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