The Magical World of Sterling Silver Charms

Charms and charm jewellery have been worn as a symbol of good luck, power or for decorative purpose. It is said that the earliest record of charms dates back to Egyptian history where pharaohs wore charm bracelets that would remain with them through their lifetime. They believed that this would be a part of who they are even in their afterlife. At that time, charms were made of wood, stones, bones. 

Charms do have a history.

Charm jewellery was also famous during the Middle Ages where Knights wore charms on their belts to exhibit their status or rank. Later charms found their way to Europe and were often flaunted by Queen Victoria who popularized charm jewellery and took it to another level. She had specific charms with a special design; either a locket containing a lock of hair or a tiny picture of a loved one.

Historically, charms found their way during the First World War; where troops would return with little trinkets from places that they had been stationed. A lot of the soldiers had a special connection or superstition attached to a particular charm. Some believed that these were charged with spiritual powers making it mandatory for them to carry these wherever they went. Charms later became famous post the 40’s and 50’s era where screen actresses made them popular through their movies.

Stylish Charm Jewelry

Charms today

In today's time, charms are made of various metals including gold and silver. Charms today represent many things linked with interests and individual personalities. There are musical charms, sports charms, spiritual charms according to the personality of an individual. Sterling silver charm jewellery can relate to your personal story in a rather subtle manner. What makes the whole episode enticing is that this is easily available online! Charm jewellery is the best way to store your favourite memories for a long time. 

Silver charms have a way of expressing who you are. What started as a college trend has become serious business with a lot of buyers selling charms online. Because they have a way of exhibiting a certain appeal; Indian charms are slowly acquiring the pulse of the market. Charms today commemorate special occasions, people and events in one’s life. They are appealing to eyes and are playful. Charms can be paired with bracelets, necklaces, anklets, chains, etc. The combination of charm with jewellery piece can match any outfit thereby accentuating the look. 

A market replete with over a thousand occasions to choose from; charms are sold for a variety of events online. For every smiley charm, there's one that holds a special message. Festivals like Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day etc., have a special charm attached too. Paired in bracelets, a bangle bracelet or a delicate chain running through the neck or waist; charm jewellery attracts more buyers than serious jewellery buyers. Telling a particular story through a charm, the links that toggle at the bracelet can range from alphabets, dates, high school and graduation day celebrations.

With endless meanings and possibilities, charms can depict your happiness and important events through a small piece of metal. Vintage charms are enticing to youngsters even today. Some retailers online still receive queries and requests for selling antique charms often with pearls and rubies adorning the pieces. There have been companies that have solely operated on the manufacturing of charms in the 50's well through the '80s. Of course, the exhaustive collection that there is online seeks to celebrate special days and significant achievements. What looks like a small piece dangling from a bracelet can actually in time become a memory that will be cherished in generations to come!


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