Creating Clone scripts with an APP Cloner is a fun to be with

Creating Clone scripts with an APP Cloner is a fun to be with


We often come across things we love such as website and application and we desire to have a replica of them called as clone scripts in web world & they can be easily fetched through an innovation software application called APP Cloner. The desire of having this fantasy become a reality is now made possible all thanks to the advancement of technology. Clone scripts are one of the technologies used in cloning website. It has helped many entrepreneurs in creating and starting their business website. With clone scripts, you don’t need to build websites from scratch and thus saves time and money. 

Different clone scripts are made available at marketplace clone scripts which are a platform for building, designing and selling of websites. Marketplace clone scripts are designed to be user-friendly and support many users. You do not need any programming knowledge to make use of marketplace script. One of the clone script used in achieving this is Alibaba clone. 

Alibaba Clone 

Alibaba Clone is a Marketplace script that helps entrepreneur and start-ups to fabricate their own website that is similar to Alibaba, Amazon and others. Alibaba clone connects many buyers and sellers in different countries of the world. Through this B2B Marketplace website, buyers can buy products from suppliers who supplied products. This is made possible with the need for the physical market. Alibaba clone save both buyer and seller money and time.

Features of Alibaba Clone 

Some of the common features of Alibaba clone are:

•          Newsletters 

•          Email based registration

•          Email notification 

•          Dashboard notification 

•          Responsive Design 

•          Easy admin contact 

•          Help tooltip 

•          Blog

•          PayPal payment gateway 

•          Private messaging board

•          SEO friendly URLs

•          Indexed databases 

•          Google Analytics

•          Sitemap

•          Maintenance Mode

•          Complementary deployment

•          LTR Multi-Language

•          100 per cent customizable Source Code 


As earlier stated, both websites and applications can undergo cloning. App cloning is not something new as it has been in existence. The app can be clone with APP CLONER more easily and simpler than other cloning application. APP CLONER supports modification of basic characteristics such as style colour and permissions. Opening APP CLONER will show all installed application on the device you are using. You can easily perform the cloning by selecting the app you want to clone. You can now change the name of the cloned app and also perform the aforementioned basic characteristics. Using the original version of the app and the duplicated app at the same time is possible. You now have the authority to do whatever you love. 

However, it is of paramount importance to know that not all applications can be clone by using APP CLONER or app duplicator. This is because of the developer who restrict the application from being cloned. In such cases, people refer APP CLONER as either app duplicator, App replicator or app copier

App Duplicator 

App duplicator is used for creating multiple application accounts. As an app cloner tool, it can be used to create two WhatsApp or any other application accounts. The comments in the original app can’t be moved to the cloned app. Another thing to note is both the cloned app and the original app are entirely separate and changes done on one app won’t reflect on the other application. App duplicator or app replicator protects user’s privacy through full fingerprint lock. Not only does it protect the privacy of a user, but data or information of the user is also not collected too. 

Features and uses of App Cloner 

App Duplicator has many features and uses. Some of them are:

•          It supports gameplay with different accounts. 

•          It improves social life as different social networking application can be duplicated using app duplicator. You can be online with many accounts using one device and at the same time. 

•          As earlier stated, app duplicator or app replicator protects the privacy of users. This is made possible with a full fingerprint lock. 

•          It displays little advertisement than most applications. 

•          It conserves storage space. 

•          It saves battery. Minimum battery life is used up during the creation and running of multiple accounts. 


The solution of your long desire of owing and creating a website or application that has similar eye-catching features of the one you saw online is now made possible and easier. With technologies such as app cloner made available in marketplace clone scripts, you can make this dream come true. 


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