Recognising Relapse Signs and How to Prevent Them
Recognising Relapse Signs and How to Prevent Them

Relapse is possible for anyone that has ever had an addiction. Even if it has been years since you used the substance that you were addicted to, or if it has been a day since you left the rehab facility. Everyone is prone to relapsing if you have had an addiction in the past. This is why it is important for those that have ever struggled with addiction to work towards being and remaining sober for years to come.

It has even been estimated that over 90 percent of those that have had an addiction have had at least one relapse before they are able to achieve their sobriety. This number is astounding.

Addiction is serious, and although many do not treat it that way, it can become life-threatening if you do not seek out the proper help. You might even find yourself in trouble when you least expect it. It is always important to know the warning signs of relapse and protect yourself from having to fall back into the addiction trap again. Continue living a clean life and make sure those close to you also are aware of the same signs.

Think You Can Use Again Without Becoming Addicted

So many think about drug use and what it felt like. They want to do it again, to go back to the way they felt again because it was a good feeling, for the most part. A lot of people do not remember the bad that comes with addiction.

Many think that if they were able to stop once, they can stop again. It is mind over matter. They have the ability to use it once and walk away, don’t they?

This is not true. Many people that think this way find themselves addicted again because they relapsed. They used again and think they have it under control, only to find themselves continuously using and not sure how to take the next step to get out again. This is one of the biggest lies that addicts tell themselves when they relapse. Remember, if you’re telling yourself this, it is not true. You will be addicted again.

You’re Changing Your Behavior or Attitude

If you are becoming defensive, agitated, and angry about just about everything, it might be because you’re nearing a relapse. You don’t want something like this to bring you down or cause you further trouble. Make sure not to damage the relationships you have worked so hard to build.

Know that you have these emotions, don’t deny them and work through them in a healthier way. There are many other ways to cope instead of turning to the substance that kept you down.

Loss of Interest

If you have a loss of interest in the hobbies or activities that you used to take part in, or you feel a bit more down and out than usual; this could be headed in the wrong direction. You may be thinking about using more and more when this happens, causing you to fixate on the drug and not on life. These negative thoughts are shifting you away from the good of recovering.

Your Withdrawal Symptoms are Back Again

You thought you were over this, and many people do not get them again, but sometimes it happens. If you are getting sick, or if you feel like your brain patterns have changed, you might feel like you need to use to have them go away.

Those that are close to you should look for the signs of withdrawal, because the person may also be using again. These can be actual withdrawal symptoms seen in the person and something that can signal that they need more intensive help to get over the addiction.

They Believe an Addiction Recovery Program Cannot Help

Thinking that there is no hope for you out there or that the addiction recovery program is not a program that is able to help is a sign of a person giving up the fight against the addiction. It is causing them to throw the towel in and say that there is really no hope at all for them when the time comes to remove the drugs from their life.

This is not true. There are many great things about these programs, and they have helped countless others in the past.

You Think About Drug Use All Day, Every Day

If you are sitting around doing nothing, then you might be thinking about drug use all day, every day. You are thinking about being able to feel that way once again. You might even want to do nothing else but to think about using. You dance with the idea, and usually, when you’re dancing with the idea, it oftentimes leads to actually doing it. Don’t fall into this trap, as you will relapse because you just want the drug of your mind, and you think using it will do so.

It will not remove it. It will only cause damage. This is what a lot of people do not consider when they think about drug use. It is a gateway that is opened and is even harder to close.

If you find yourself struggling with any of these points, make a list of the great things you have done and that are in your life, consider those close to you like children, family and friends, and consider how far you have already come. Speaking with someone about the way you feel, taking a walk, exercising, and just removing yourself from that frame of mind are all going to help. Take a 12-step program, get a counselor or sponsor to help you through this.

The chances of relapse after rehab are high, but people consider the treatment they receive from the rehab centers to be sufficient to go back to normal life. This is a mistake for some. In order to reduce the chances of relapse, choosing sober living homes can provide a great way to keep yourself away from drugs and back into a functional lifestyle once again.

Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her favourite pastime is learning history and solving crossword puzzles. Follow her on Twitter.
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