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Beagles are gentle, fun-loving hounds who enjoy long meandering walks followed by a lot of down time next to their owners. More Details in stature, beagles were reproduced to be hunting canines and to this day are led by their nose. Their sharp sense of smell makes them a top choice for small-game hunters, and you'll often see them employed as detection dogs browsing for contraband at U.S.

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Easily recognizable by her big brown eyes and square, floppy ears, the beagle is a popular small to mid-sized hound type. There are technically two kinds of beagles: A smaller sized variation weighing 20 pounds and under; and a slightly larger, 20- to 35-pound version. Their bodies are little but magnificent and pack plenty of power.

They come in a myriad of colors, but are most often seen in a tricolor coat of black, tan, and white or blue, tan, and white. Other colorways, according to the National Beagle Club of America, are: tan and white; lemon and white; red and white; and chocolate and white.

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Beyond frequent brushing to keep those brief hairs under control (and off of your couch, clothes, and floor), these popular hounds are pretty low-maintenance pups. Friendly, spirited, and compact, it's no wonder the beagle has actually long been a family favorite. These high-energy hounds require lots of everyday exercise, once correctly exhausted they're more than happy to hang at house with their people.

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"We bred that into them," states Brian Kilcommons, creator of The Excellent Pets Resort, a training facility in Connecticut. "When a beagle is running in the field in those big circles, the baying does 2 things: One, it spooks the bunnies out of hiding, and two, it lets the hunter know where the pet is." Due to the fact that of their propensity to bark, beagles can make great alert systems, letting their owners understand the minute a next-door neighbor or delivery guy begins approaching the housejust do not expect them to follow up with anything besides an inviting wag of the tail.

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