Find the Best Portable Radio
Find the Best Portable Radio

The portable radio comes with AM/FM and works on two AA batteries. There are headphones which can be plugged in for personal listening. The radio has a built-in strap for portability. This radio can be a good travel companion. You will get monaural sound whether you use speakers or listen through headphones. The output power is 100mW. The radio has integrated FM/AM tuner.

It has a headphone socket where you can connect the headphones and listen. There is LED tuning and indicators for battery status. The radio is built by Sony with a goal to achieve zero environmental footprints.

Emergency Radio

If there is an emergency and the internet goes down and the smartphone loses its connection with the cellular network then the only way you can get help is by using an emergency radio and informing somebody about the type of emergency you are in.

You can get a radio called Kaito Voyager Pro which has an AC adaptor, for power/charge, beside dynamo for recharging, solar and disposable batteries. It has a flashlight and USB charging port for devices. If there is an emergency you will be able to connect with others and let them know the problems faced by your community. The other emergency radios available are Crane Solar Observer and Sangean MMR 880. Portable Radio are very useful for safety and survival. They provide you with updates on extreme weather conditions.

Radio Repeater

A Radio Repeater does multiple jobs. It receives and retransmits a radio signal where distance and obstruction may affect the clarity and strength of the signal. Waves from radio move in straight lines and the distance between a transmitting radio and a receiving radio can weaken the signal and make it of unacceptable quality or lose it altogether. When distances are big two-way radio systems are used.

A radio repeater receives and sends a radio signal at a higher power so it can travel long distance. This helps people using the radio over long distance and obstruction. The stations of the repeater have antennas which are put high up on the top of high buildings or hill which is centrally located. The signal from the repeater which is boosted can improve the clarity of the transmission.

What are the advantages of Emergency Weather Radios?

Emergency Weather Radios provide updates on extreme weather conditions. Many of the radios used can be charged manually by using a crank. So whatever happens solar or batteries are not required for operating the radio. Emergency weather radios can be used for picking up broadcasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The weather radios of NOAA have 24-hour updates of FM weather radio stations. They include local and regional weather forecasts, and climate summaries as well as summaries of coastal/zone lake/ waters applicable to the area. Weather information is broadcasted by the system from offices of National Weather Service close by. National Security Statements are also broadcasted by the system besides other public safety announcements like AMBER Alerts from FCCs Emergency Alert System.

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