Herbal Blend for Detox the Full Body
Herbal Blend for Detox the Full Body

Toxicity surrounds us and finds different ways of entering our bodies – be it in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the water we drink, or the personal care products we use.  Our bodies have sophisticated self-cleaning mechanisms to flush out these toxins in the form of urine, sweat and stool.  Most of the time, it cleanses so efficiently that we don’t even have to think about all the hard work it is doing. But the volume of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis can be overwhelming for our bodies, causing them to strain under the heavy workload. 

Detoxification is a great way to take the pressure off your organs and provide them a much needed rest. It also rejuvenates our body and mind in different ways. It can work as a kick start to your weight management process, boost your energy levels, clear up your skin and improve your immunity. When you come to think about it, it seems out rightly unfair to your body to not give detoxification a chance. Luckily, a number of detox foods and supplements are now easily available to help you start the process.

Why use Sache Wellness’s superpowder for detox?

One of the best natural remedies for detoxification is amla (Phyllanthus emblica). This fruit is a powerhouse of vitamin C, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. It stimulates the secretion of gastric and digestive juices, enabling easier digestion of food, and better absorption of nutrients into the body. The fruit’s anti-oxidant properties also make it a blood purifier.

Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) is also a much preferred plant for detoxification.  Full of anti-oxidants and a natural diuretic, dandelion removes toxic substances from the kidneys and the entire urinary system. It also helps reduce uric acid, and inhibits bacterial growth too. 

Another “liver remedy” that has been used medicinally for more than 2,000 years is Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). The seeds of this plant are known to prevent toxins from entering the liver cells, and to regenerate injured liver cells in cases of liver toxicity. It increases the production of glutathione, a potent compound facilitating most of the detoxification processes in the liver.

While these herbs have been known to Ayurveda for generations now for their detoxification properties, there are also herbs which were used widely by ancient Egyptians and Romans to help purify the liver and the blood. Chicory root (Cichorium intybus) is an example, which is otherwise known as a popular coffee substitute. It contains inulin, a soluble dietary fibre that exists naturally in more than 36,000 plants, but is found in the highest concentration in chicory. This fibre feeds the digestive flora in the intestines, which enhances digestion.

We have combined the goodness of these active ingredients to develop our superpowder for detox. So if you had been searching the best detox powder, look no further - our powder will help not only with full body cleanse detox, but also improve your overall liver health and purify blood.

This superpowder brings together the anti-oxidant powerhouses, Amla and Dandelion, which are also known to promote healthy digestive function. Other ingredients in the mix include milk thistle and chicory which may have blood purifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

 100% natural ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

  • Key ingredients blended include Amla, Dandelion and Milk Thistle
  • Promotes healthy liver and purifies blood
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

 Sache Wellness manufactures and markets organic and natural wellness products like organic herbal teas, organic herbal infusions and natural Super powders and many more for nurturing a healthy lifestyle.

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