The Efficiency of Green Energy Will Change The Future Environment
The Efficiency of Green Energy Will Change The Future Environment

Note: Information from Greenshine New Energy.


Energy has become a tricky thing. As humans, we need the energy to go about our day to day activities, and as the population on earth grows, so does the need for energy. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fuel we use isn’t renewable and releases emissions into the atmosphere. As we progress towards green alternatives one main issue remains; how to make renewable sources more efficient. Many companies and professionals that work in alternative energy know one main issue is that the energy generated can’t be stored. This makes it difficult for the days the breeze isn’t strong enough for windmills, or dark days for solar panels.

In the near future, I believe efficiency is key. When comparing the environmental aspects of energy sources there’s no competition that renewables are cleaner for the earth, but on an economic side, investing in green alternatives seems economically unstable. There needs to be a balance. As a population, humans need to veer away from fossil fuels and focus on utilizing alternative energy sources. This would need to come from an industrial standpoint considering many people use energy, but don't understand how it is produced.

It also needs to be affordable. There are sustainable options out there right now, but a majority of people don’t use them because it doesn’t make sense financially. By finding a way to make alternatives more efficient, more investors will find the value in their progress and in turn push costs down for consumers. The starting point would need to come from research and development on ways to increase productivity on current methods. As thirty years go by, the efficiency of green energy will increase, causing fossil fuels to be a guilty backup.

The change towards the earth can put an emphasis on just how big an impact humans have. This can create a chain reaction where people start focusing on their intake of products and understanding where their food comes from. It will change the way industry works as well. Considering the largest impacts to environment come from corporations, it would be astonishing to see just how much green energy could change the future. Finding efficiency in green energy would allow the knowledge to become widespread, allowing companies to invest in their own sources, as well as using fewer fossil fuels. This would, in turn, would decrease the amount of fracking for oil, lowering oil spills in waterways as well. The entirety of green energy becoming efficient would change the way our ecosystems have had to adapt. We are in the sixth mass extinction of the earth, but the difference between this modern devastation and the others is that humans are at the center of it. Many of the activities we take part in have consequences we don’t even think about. By changing our energy sources it changes the course of our earth’s future. It can change mindsets, and lifestyles, all the while helping the environment and creating jobs.

So in the next thirty years, I believe the efficiency of green energy will change the course our environment is set on. The increase in renewable usage will balance society with the environment and the economy. The way humans live will become much more sustainable and pave a road for a greener future.


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