Hair Therapy: How to revive Lost Hair

Hair is something we all are fond of taking care. We need to nurture them in a proper way to have good quality hair. The hair is the one which decides the outlook of the person as it adds the charm to their looks. But, on the other hand, there is a curse to hair which is popularly known as hair loss.

Nowadays, according to the study it is claimed that hair fall is very common and spreading to most of the people. Hair loss also degrades the looks and confidence of a person as it dedicates malnourishment of that person.

Featuring a hair loss indulges more than one element such as:-

  • Supplements
  • Hormonal changes
  • Depression caused accident
  • Experiments to have a new hairstyle
  • Improper lifestyle
  • Consumption of harmful products. Ex- alcohol

All these elements lead to hair loss. Even our heredity trends which is not in our hands also affects the loss and growth of our hair. Heredity plays an important role in our body features.

Now after such a discussion about a massive problem about hairloss in both men and women,let's shift our focus to the solution a one can opt for that is laser hair replacement therapy.

What is Laser Hair Replacement Therapy?

  • To aid the hair loss with a very low level of energy a Led or a laser is used by fixing adaptable energy. Devices with laser are normally cold lasers which carry no heat in them which makes them a shielded practice of hair growth.


  • Activated aging cells help in this treatment as it helps in hair growth. Through laser hair replacement therapy these cells are activated and start their work with less time and with more effectiveness.


  • Thickening of hair can be done through this treatment and heredity caused hair problems can be easily treated. Laser hair replacement therapy hence is the most selected way of fighting against hair loss. One with this problem can go for this treatment as it doesn't cause any type of serious side effects after treatment

Symptoms of Hair loss:-

Symptoms can act as a sign of time to have laser hair replacement therapy in order to cure the hair fall. So now we will look at some of the symptoms:-

  • A usually captured symptom is when hairline of the forehead gradually moves back, and thickening of hairs starts declining.
  • Remember when anyone combs their hairs or when they wash their hairs, they usually get left with a number of hairs in their hands. Yes, this is also considered as a symptom of hair loss.

If you notice any type of hair loss symptoms then without waiting, consult a doctor and opt for the suggested laser hair replacement therapy. You can even search in the Google for the best doctors or clinics with a great experience and evaluate all of them on the basis of their practice and experience. This will help you to get the best treatment under the best supervision.

In this post we will highlight a few natural ways which you can use to prevent hair fall:


  1. Taking care of your scalp


The scalp is the breeding ground for our hair. So in order to prevent hair fall, we need first to take care of our scalp. The best way of taking care of it is by improving blood circulation. Massage the scalp often to improve the blood flow. Also, keep the scalp moisturized by using oils and massage it gently. If this is done regularly then, then your hair will remain surely healthy. Moisturizing scalp with oil also prevents hair greying.


  1. Eating sulfur-containing food


For healthy hair, protein and sulfur are the 2 essential elements which fulfill the requirement of healthy hair. Have foods like eggs, meat, nuts, veggies, fish, etc. as these contain essential proteins and sulfur.


  1. Using herb to improve your hair health


There are a variety of herbs which can be used on a regular base to improve the health of our hair. Herbs like Mehendi, brampi,  Saw Palmetto, Nettle root,  Indian Gooseberry, etc. Apply, and you will see the difference in few days. Your hair will become more glossy, silky and healthy.


  1. Increase the intake of minerals and vitamins


Sticking to a healthy diet is one of the best ways of preventing hair fall. Eat a balanced diet which is rich in minerals and vitamins. Include green veggies in your diet. Also, keep a balanced intake of white and red meat.


  1. Do not comb wet hair.

 When your hair is wet, it tends to be weaker. So, if you are combing wet hair, then the chances hair fall also increases. Always comb your hair when your hair is dry. Combing dry hair also improves blood circulation.


  1. Block hair fall hormones with Palmetto

 One of the most advanced and natural ways of preventing hair fall is by blocking the hair fall hormones with the use of the Palmetto herb.

 Follow the above steps to avoid hair fall. If in case you still have hair fall, then opt for lllt hair treatment and get your hair back in no time. Our hair is a part of your personality, so make sure to take good care of it.

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