The NSA Plans To Decrease The Number Of System Administrators

Edward Snowden's name was not mentioned once, but it was on everyone's lips. The Director of the National Agency Sécurity, Keith Alexander, announced Thursday the new internal organization of the intelligence agency responsible for monitoring communications. The stated objective was to reduce the number of people with access to sensitive information ... and also likely to reveal secrest to the public, as did the former agent Edward Snowden. Snowden is now a refugee in Russia.

In this context, the U.S. agency will remove 90% of system administrators. That is a severe and drastic drop in system adminitrators. They are now nearly a thousand currently managing the vast NSA networks NSA who are employed by the agency and external consultants. A few months ago, Edward Snowden was one of them. Officially, he was in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of computer systems. In fact, his task was mainly to seek new methods to infiltrate the Internet and telephone networks, he told the Guardian.

How does the NSA want to replace staff? The agency now seeks to replace staff with computers. By automating much of the work of the agency, Keith Alexander believes that the network and the NSA will be "easier to defend and safe" while gaining speed. New security procedures within the agency are also being studied. The presence of two persons could be made mandatory for access to certain computer data. This replacement certainly has its drawbacks as computers can not manufacture new defence mechanisms and may not be capable of easily detecting new infiltrations routes.

The shadow of the Snowden case
Is this
a new initiative against whistleblowers who might be tempted to imitate Snowden? In June, the young consultant revealed, through the Washington Post and the Guardian, the extent of the monitoring system set up by the U.S. government under the guise of the fight against terrorism. These revelations have reignited debate about better coordination between security protection and privacy.

During his lecture, the President of the NSA also defended his agency's methods as, "largely distorted" by the press. "Nobody has deliberately violated the law or attempted to invade your privacy," he said.

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