How to Find the Best Inflatable Power Boats

When you are looking for the best inflatable power boats, it really depends on what you need to use the boat for. If you are looking for an inflatable that can carry several people and supplies for an ocean fishing trip, then the rigid design is definitely the best but more expensive solution. If you only need an inflatable to take yourself and a buddy to your favorite fishing hole up the river, then a small power boat will do nicely.

Large, military-type inflatable boats powered by large outboard motors are expensive to operate and might need a trailer. A small, portable boat is best to access fishing spots inaccessible to other fishermen and the smaller horsepower motor is easier on the pocket. These inflatable power boats are light enough to be carried into a remote area, but if you intend to go power-boating on the ocean, then you do need one of the larger inflatables.

The inflatables with rigid bottoms are sturdier because they provide you with a stable fishing base. You can stand or sit while fishing even in the small boats. The Sport Runabout inflatables from Sea Eagle are lightweight, portable fishing boats that can carry up to 2000 lbs. Their most popular model is the 14SR. It takes a standard 40 hp motor so you know that you have a power boat to take you to the best fishing spots.

Inflatable models are the best sport fishing boats for a boat that is easy to transport, launch and maintain. They don’t cost as much as fiberglass or aluminum hulls and don’t require a trailer. A deflated 14’ boat fits into a bag 4 feet long and can be taken along in your vehicle, carried to the water’s edge, inflated in less than half an hour and launched by hand. Another advantage of these sport boats is the buoyancy and stability provided by multiple air chambers and a wide beam. These inflatables are impossible to tip over and make a very stable fishing or diving platform.

Compare some of these features of Sea Eagle Sport Boats

Sea Eagle 9.2 SR Fishing Boat – This roll-up inflatable is the ultimate in portability. At just 100 lbs it can be inflated in less than 15 minutes. The Sea Eagle 9.2 SR is ideal for the RV enthusiast. It can carry up to 4 adults and cruises at 18 mph (2 adults) with a 10 hp outboard motor. Easy to row, too.
Sea Eagle 10.6 SR Fishing Boat – Four inflatable chambers provide added buoyancy and hull rigidity. This inflatable makes a nice tender for a larger boat and can get up to 5 adults to shore or the best sport fishing spots. The Sea Eagle 10.6 SR takes a 15 hp outboard and is very easy to assemble.

Compare Inflatable Power Boats Here
Inflatable power boats have been used for years as rescue boats by the military and the Coast Guard. These are large watercraft but the small boats are built on the same principle. The keel and rounded rear pontoons are shaped so that the boat will achieve rapid planing. This ability to ride above the waves rather than cut through the water is one of the best features of inflatables and helps reduce gas consumption.


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