Modern solutions for homes and buildings are the main attraction for anyone looking to buy or rent property. In this cutthroat economy, property developers are constantly seeking innovation for their buildings, making sure that they are ahead of the competition. This has caused significant changes in the recent years, particularly in modernization efforts that spell comfort and ease for tenants while still following building codes religiously.

Perhaps one major modernization endeavour undergone by any structure is the one done on elevators. In truth, some functioning elevators these days have been serving since the 80’s and are still working with all their antiquated motors and controls intact. These elevators have taken the vertical trips a couple hundred thousand times over the decades, and some wear and tear could happen. It’s simply not the question of when or why an elevator needs to be modernized, but how to proceed on the task without risking exorbitant costs in the future.


Elevator modernization, like any other modernization techniques, needs to be properly planned and strategized. Since it will most likely disrupt day-to-day activities of tenants, a careful inspection of how to proceed is a must. This is typically done by hiring an elevator servicing company that offers modernization services.

This process may involve a replacing motor parts with newer models, or installing a new control system for the elevator. There is also the issue of noise and overtime conditions that disturbs the occupants. Whatever it is, the elevator would be out of service for the tenants. This needs to be addressed before hand with a concrete modernization plan that considers contingency and compensation, if need be.


There are buildings that are historically significant, and as such have enthusiasts that would oppose to any modernization efforts, no matter how important it is. Older elevators are viewed to be sturdier than its modern counterparts, and are also more aesthetically pleasing. Modernization would have to be based on how old the system is, and if parts are still available.

There are also some people who strongly disagree with elevator modernization, pointing out that if a simple repair or replacement is all it takes, then there is no sense in doing a complete modernization. Unless absolutely necessary, elevator modernization may only open up additional avoidable expenses.


Elevator modernization improves passenger safety, mainly because systems and equipment are updated to better adhere to building codes. Modernization also improves operation and reliability, resulting to higher ride quality. Updated elevators can also work seamlessly with other electronics, making for a smarter experience and better integration to an intelligent control system.

There is much to consider when developing an elevator modernization plan, including the aesthetic and electrical and mechanical systems to be modernized. The trick is to ensure that the modernization is necessary, and will work to provide a better ride experience for tenants. Keep in mind that collaborating with a trusted and competent installation company is a priority in undergoing Otis elevator modernization.

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