7 Ways Small Online Retailers Can Compete with eCommerce Giants

The e-commerce industry is on boom these days. The rise in the use of smartphones has given a jump in the use of e-commerce mobile apps for all kinds of purchasing. Retailers are approaching ecommerce mobile app and website development companies to get an app and website developed for their business. Big players like Amazon, Alibaba have placed themselves well in the global market and users across the world are using their apps to make online purchases.

While this is definitely a flourishing business, big players have somehow diminished the game of small and niche online retailers. They are finding it hard to attain new users after having invested hugely in getting their business developed. There is no doubt that it is difficult to compete with big players as they have more money for investment, partnership, trends, etc. But there's still a ray of hope for small retailers as there are few tricks that helps them to compete with e-commerce giants.

So, if you are one of those small online retailers looking to make their own space in the industry, don’t miss to catch the blog. Let’s now explore the tips.

Tips for Small Online Retailers to Compete with eCommerce Giants

1. Social Media Presence

Every user owning a smartphone would definitely be on social media platforms too. Today, in the time of instant information sharing of posts, feeds, pictures and videos on social media platforms, a small online retailer can easily take full advantage of it. It's important to make your business present and live on social media platforms.

People find anything on social media platforms through keywords or feed sharing or any other source. Promoting your small online retail shop increases the chance of users visiting your site and making some purchase and even better recommending it on multiple platforms for others to explore.

2. Free Shipping

Giant e-commerce players are doing excellent today because they offer more than what the user expects. Paying huge shipping prices often not encouraged by users and they end up exiting the site despite having their carts filled. This strategy of free shipping could be implemented by small online retailers as well. They can attract new users by offering free delivery on their orders. This entices users to shop even if the amount is very less. This pushes users to come back to your site for every nitty gritty need as shipping is free.

3. Customer Support

The most important factor to keep as the priority by online retailers is to provide the best customer support to users. It's not always necessary that an online purchase ends well without any hassle. There may occurrences like payment failure, wrong deduction, exchange/return product and other instances which require a dedicated customer support team which can handle customer queries instantly.

Not having a customer support team turns off users in getting again into making another online purchase from you. Thus, for online retailers its advisable to build a team of the customer support team that handles customers queries smartly and instantly.

4. Rewards, Loyal Programs

Big e-commerce players have a criterion to retain their existing users and that is to encourage the idea of ‘the more you buy, the more you earn rewards, perks’. Small online retailers too can take advantage of this campaign and introduce in their business as well. A loyalty program encourages users to make a purchase from the online store in order to get points that they can accumulate in their next purchase. This also builds a personal bond between the buyer and online retail shop and is encouraged by users as they feel privileged.

5. Online Site & Product Presentation

For every online retail store, it’s very important to have an interactive webpage and a mobile app that is easily accessible to all, equipped with relevant HD images, intuitive design that catches user’s attention, relevant catchy taglines, easy navigation, easy login, and log out, etc. A good representation of online site and products available is extremely important as it builds trust in users that site is genuine and offers quality products.

6. Market Trend

For a small online retail store, it's important to know about the recent trends that are changing the dynamics of e-commerce industries. A close watch on your competitors would also give an idea of what they are up to next and plan your roadmap accordingly. There's the latest vogue of embedding trends in the mobile app like chatbots, AR/VR, etc. which enhances the shopping experience for the user. An online retail store can take advantage of market research and make sure to stay updated with changes in the industry.

7. Payment & Pricing

Last but not least, users prefer those online sites or small retailers who are quite flexible with payment options and have reasonable pricing for quality products. It is so because big players of e-commerce industry provide users with a reasonable cost along with multiple payment options. This raises the bar of standard and people expect the same from others too. Online retailers can easily step up in the competition by ensuring to have genuine sellers only and multiple payment options to ease the payment process for buyers.


Wrapping up, despite the circumstance that big e-commerce players have taken up most of the users, small online retailers still have the chance to gain users by following some tricks. The tricks explicated in the blog gives an edge to small online retailers and they can take advantage of attaining new users and retaining the existing ones easily. Taking services from any eCommerce website development company can also help in this regard.

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