Pre Medical Or Pre Engg? Which Subjects To Choose In FSc
Pre Medical Or Pre Engg? Which Subjects To Choose In FSc

In Pakistan, after a student completes matriculation and enters fsc, there are two possible pathways for them to choose from; pre-medical or pre-engineering. This can be a tricky decision since the subjects that are chosen in fsc will carry forward into the professional world. The first step to making this decision is understanding the difference between the two.


Compulsory Subjects

First of all, in fsc there are some compulsory subjects which must be taken, regardless of pre-medical or pre-engineering. These subjects include mathematics, english, islamiat, and Pakistan Studies. In addition to these compulsory subjects, there will be three more subjects according to whether pre-med or pre-engg is chosen.



In the case of pre-medical, the three subjects are physics, chemistry, and biology. These subjects prepare students for the medical field and high passing marks in pre medical make the student eligible to apply for medical colleges to become a doctor. Pre-medical is tough and highly competitive, so students would be required to work very hard to prepare for their exams. Fsc notes, past papers and even solved past papers are all useful tools for studying for pre-medical.  However, it is important to have an interest in biology and medicine if you are choosing pre-med. If there is no interest, then fsc exam preparation will be extremely difficult, even with all the past papers and keybooks you have.



On the other hand, the subjects for pre-engineering include physics, chemistry and mathematics. This is a good option for those students who prefer mathematics, calculations and numericals. While this can seem like a difficult subject choice, but once again with hard work and the right study tools, it is possible to score well in the exam. There are many solved past papers available for fsc level mathematics, physics, etc… which can be consulted when preparing for the fsc pre-engineering exam.


Thus, it is important to consider your interests and passions when deciding which subjects to choose in fsc. Those who are passionate to become doctors can always do well in pre-medical, given that they have the right exam preparation, and the same is the case with those interested in engineering. Whichever subjects are selected, it is important to work hard and consult the correct study tools and past papers in order to succeed in fsc.

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