How face verification can help medical professional
 How face verification can help medical professional

Facial verification service is expanding more than any other verification services. People are using facial verification Service to get access to their offices or to unlock their devices considering it is a more secure way to give access only to the authorised personnel. After the arrival of Biometric Verification, many hindrances and obstacles were removed in many departments according to identity verification. Many persons use synthetic identity to buy goods on behalf of other persons or avail services across the world or they pretend to be some authority who they are actually not. In 2017 department of Federal Justice of the US made a recovery of $3.7 billion under False Claim Acts. Many departments converged on the same page to combat this vulnerability. Face verification is more advanced and can provide us with more peculiarities that can be used in many fields. Rapid digitisation of the health industry is making the need for Facial verification Service more crucial. Facial verification is capable to verify a person through a person’s facial contours.

Challenges faced by medical Sector for Identity Verification

According to the World Health Organization, US is the significant country who spend more than any country on the health of their patients. But there are cases when patients lost their life due to false patient identification i.e if the patient card is superseded fallaciously or criminals replace it intentionally to kill that person. According to FBI $80 billion tax costs due to fraudulent activities in Medial Sector it includes duplicate claims. Therefore the potential of facial verification service is rising in every industry and in medicine as well. Facial verification service can be used for security purpose in the medical sector, But it has a bigger scope in the medical sector.

Uses of Facial Verification in the Health Department

Due to enormous scope of facial verification service in the medical sector. It can be used for the various purpose it goes beyond the security purpose. The AI-powered products are already helping the medical department in many aspects i.e. checking heartbeat or taking medical tests. Multiple uses of facial verification service in the medical sector include:


1- Biometric Authentication: With the help of security cameras medical institutes got rid of the passwords to give login access to authorities. A security camera automatically checks if a person is authentic to enter in any room or through a computer it can verify if a person is authorised to log in. Check the scope of this product that even Microsoft has installed Windows Hello Facial Recognition in its windows 10.

2- Emotion Detection:  With the help of this special feature of facial verification service. AI can check sentiments of a specific person and can predict what he is thinking or want to be done. It can help in the treatment of medical patients. It can also cure their mental illness by providing their needs.

3- Hospital Traffic analysis: Thanks to intel hospitals are using its product face recognition service. By using this product hospitals can judge the traffic of individuals who are getting in hospital. It is a very advanced tool that can even differentiate between the traffic and can count how many men, women and children are getting in the hospital. This tool can also be used to locate patients in many different departments of a hospital.

Overall Face Verification Service is helping the medical sector greatly. Nowadays mobile devices are given to doctors and they are using multiple apps to check the stats and previous record of a patient, Facial verification service can help them to take a picture and match the record for the patient.


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