Why Should Gals have all the fun while Guys can flaunt Men’s designer brooches?
Why Should Gals have all the fun while Guys can flaunt Men’s designer brooches?

Brooches add voice to the attire that needs to be flaunted either at work, party, or at a wedding reception. Lapel pins designed according to festivals and occasions are one kind of brooches which have been in vogue lately. It may be an emperor’s crown or Rudolph’s horns which can be flaunted by just pinning them on the lapels of the coats. A brooch is a perfect fashion accessory for men that can instantly transform a dull looking outfit to a glamorous one. Men must have this elegant piece of jewelry in their wardrobe collection. It can be worn with coats, blazers, shirts, etc. A dazzling piece of brooch will instantly grab the attention of the onlooker. Here are some different designs of brooches for men that can surely create a fashion statement: 

Flaunt your style and swag with a tie-hub brooch

Those who like to keep it minimal and sober while flaunting their style can choose a tiny brooch. These kinds of brooches resemble buttons with screws or pins at their ends and have minute intricacies and elegant designs. It is a type of brooch for men who like to flaunt contemporary designs like logos of various brands on their suits or coats.

Chain-up your style with chained brooches

Chained brooches are yet another format of men’s brooches for those who love to add drama and glitter to their personalities. Such brooches for men’s blazers are designed in such a way that it compliments their personality as well as their attire which is worn either for a party, a ball dance, or a wedding.

Stick it in with a stick style brooch

These brooches are simple and sober without the chains and glitter but come with intricate and minute detailing for making the suit or coat look elegant and stylish for the given occasion. This brooch online has many designs and variants and comes with a chain attached to it with a silk rose attached to its head and a screw for its sharp tail. This too can be flaunted either at a dinner party or wedding feast with any color of suit or coat.

Flaunt through the lapels of a coat with a lapel pin

Lapel pins are the type of brooches which have been designed for men who would like to flaunt and trend their style through contemporary or traditional patterns pinned to their lapels. The lapel pins are categorized as one of the collections in men’s designer brooches at various stores available online or offline.

Express your style and trend with a solitaire brooch

The availability of such exquisite collections is limited to specific brands and stores and is not available readily for use. These are customized and tailor-made for those who love to flaunt an exquisite collection of brooches. Such brooches for men’s coat are either based on gold or silver which makes it stylish and trendy to flaunt at a gathering where people compliment and find a reason to talk to the person flaunting it.

Final word

Hence, these are some types of stylish brooches which are flaunted by men when they wear a suit, coat, or a blazer for a party at a club, with friends, or family. There are other kinds of brooches which have been ruled out of fashion or trends due to their safety reasons, lack of design compatibility, and quality of the metal the design rested on. Also, the qualities of the brooches are mandatory to check. This can be the rusting factor or the thickness of the pin which may affect the fabric of the attire worn to express the swag.

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