Top Mirror Decor Ideas Recommended by Best Interior Designers
Top Mirror Decor Ideas Recommended by Best Interior Designers

Mirrors have been used widely by interior designers to add a stylish and classy edge to the interior décor.  Apart from that they are highly recommended because they create an illusion of space and illuminate the room in a significant way. Therefore, they are considered as assets when it comes to decorating modern apartments. However, their meager prize makes them readily available for use by anyone. Thus, you should find the time and get to understand how to add mirrors in your living space in a way that they can complement your interior decor. This can quickly help you fix and remodel your apartment and upgrade it to modern design. Below are some of the best mirror décor ideas by top interior designers.

Full Length Mirrors can create an illusion of a big Space Even in a Small Room

Full length mirrors are unusual wall mirror types that can easily be overlooked. With the vast uses of this type of wall mirror, they are mostly limited to bathrooms and closets doors. With the modern interior designs, you can easily advance in your application of these full-length mirrors and improve in the remodeling of houses. One of the uses of this full-size mirror is its use as a floor mirror. These floor mirrors are used in small apartments to create an illusion of space; thus at the end of the day, it ended up making them look bigger.   

Enhance Your Bathroom Appearance using Antique Mirrors

The bathroom is one of the main places where mirrors have been used for the longest time. Their use in the bathroom was however limited to the sink where its use was mainly to act as a unit where one would look at them. In modern designs, mirrors can be used in various ways in the bathroom. You can place it above the sink to just as the old school ones were. However, do not limit yourself to plain wall mirrors go thrift and surprise you with an antique mirror. This adds some style to the finishing of the bathroom. Antique mirrors are a statement on their own they speak of style and an outward expression of a personality. You can also be creative and attach a mirror on the walls; this will create an illusion of space in the bathroom. This is usually added to small bathrooms to make them appear larger  

A Fancy Way to use Mirrored Tiles

There is a vast range of tiles in the décor industry. Mirrored tiles are a new kind of tiles that are used on walls and floors. They are a modern and creative style of covering the walls of the interior of your house. A professional touch is however recommended to help in the proper installation of the mirrored wall or else you can quickly become clumsy in the process and end up destroying the whole bunch of tiles. Mirrored tiles are the best because they create an illusion of space; therefore, they can easily be a replacement of the old school tiles. They also reflect light better than the other types of tiles; therefore if they are well positioned in line with the light source, they can easily light up the whole house thus improving the ambiance.  

 Customize Your Sink with Mirrors  

Go out of the line and attach a mirror over the kitchen sink. This is an unusual idea because rarely are mirrors placed at the kitchen sink. However, this can be helpful to enhance the interior décor because you can choose well-designed mirror frames or antique mirrors to improve the appearance of the Kitchen. Also, it can easily help you communicate with visitors in the kitchen space without directly looking at them, making it easy for one to multi-task therefore engaging with friends and family and still carrying on with kitchen activities.

Improvised Backsplash Mirror For Kitchen Sink

Backsplashes are beautiful wall protectors which are attached behind the kitchen sink that ensure that waste from the drain does not find its way to the wall and create stains which in the end can make the kitchen interior less attractive. There are different kinds of backsplashes, therefore depending on your taste and preference, you can choose from the wide variety. However, wall mirror backsplashes come highly recommended because they are cheap and can make the interior kitchen look even more extensive. This happens because it creates an illusion of space through reflection. Therefore, it always makes the area appear larger. Apart from that, it adds to the décor by creating a more stylish interior through its shiny surface. When you install the backsplash, you are also advised to ensure the cabinet handles are silver coated so that to ensure that the décor matches. The color of the cabinets will mostly depend on the décor and your taste and preference.

Change Your Gallery using Mirrors  

Galleries are not always meant for paintings and picture frames, with the introduction of the antique mirror as a piece of decorative furniture most people are finding them easy replacement to the arts. You can easily frame many small pieces of mirrors and try to create a pattern with them. Also, you should consider creating a geometric pattern since the human eye is more attracted to them. This is considered as a replacement to the old décor.

Backyard Natural Mirrors  

Who said backyards are left behind in this stylish revolution? The garden is a peaceful organic space where you are supposed to have a good time and enjoy the natural environment. Which other great furniture would you add to the decor of such a space apart placing a mirror in one of the spaces? From the use of Mirrors, they are used even more in such areas because they create an illusion of space. They should be placed on one of the walls but behind the sitting sets. When they reflect the trees and other plants in the environment, they create a constant string of forestry.

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