Vitiligo Surgery Can Be An Effective Option For White Patches Treatment
Vitiligo Surgery Can Be An Effective Option For White Patches Treatment

 Vitiligo is usually a long-term problem that comprises growing patches of skin that lose their color. The problem can victimize the people of any age, gender, or ethnic group. It is also termed as Leucoderma or White Patches which is a common depigmentary problem. These white patches have a very striking and disfiguring effect that cause several problems such as depression, stress, low self-esteem as well as suicidal tendencies. The white patches treatment is available these days and it is based on improving your skin appearance by restoring its color. The vitiligo surgery in Delhi can be a good option to get rid of it.


The problem of white patches transpires when the melanocytes within the skin wither off. These are the cells responsible for producing pigmentation called melanin, that provides our skin natural color and it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Several medical experts describe this issue as one of the cosmetic problems. It is quite difficult to predict how much the white patches will spread. The spread may persist for weeks, or it might remain stable for months and years. Hence, it requires medical attention to get rid of the prevailing situation.


Treatment for white patches


The white patches problem is a medical issue that requires immediate attention. There are a number of remedies that can help to reduce the visibility of the condition. It may include as such below:


  • Protecting your skin from sunrays sing sunscreen

  • Phototherapy with UVB light.

  • Phototherapy with UVA light.


Surgical treatment for vitiligo


During the surgical treatment of vitiligo, normal skin is utilized as a donor tissue and then grafts are surgically transplanted to the affected areas. These new skin grafts eventually start producing pigment. As a result, the affected area slowly reclaims its natural color.


The ideal candidate for this procedure must have stable vitiligo condition, or vitiligo that has not significantly changed for at least one year. The criteria can be elaborated as:


  • No new white patches have grown.

  • No further extension of existing white patches.

  • No loss of pigmentation previously repigmented patches for one year.


The kind of surgical procedure is attempted to the patient with limited or restrained areas of vitiligo as well as in those with more extensive disease.


Melanocyte cell transplantation


During this surgical procedure, the skin graft is taken from the patients own thigh. Thereafter, the skin is treated with an enzyme called trypsin that separates all the layers of the skin. In this way, melanocytes and keratinocytes are concentrated. Then the affected spot (vitiligo affected area) is eradicated using diamond burs or laser and the cells are transplanted.


The benefit of this procedure of vitiligo surgery in Delhi is that the cell culture is not required and that skin harvesting from the donor area, cell separation preparation as well as the application of melanocytes all such things can be performed in a single 3-h procedure. The white patches treatment solely depends on the discretion of the expert cosmetic doctor who assesses the condition first to before making any final decision of treatment.




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