5 Possible Reasons Your Child Hates Studying

If you’re reading this article, there are two possible reasons. One you are a student who hates studying, and two, you are a parent in a dilemma because your child hates studying.

As parents, we tend to give our child the best of knowledge to succeed in life. So we facilitate our children in the best educational facilities that we can afford. Many of us think our duty ends at this point of time. Well, No that’s just not it. As a parent, you have to take care of your child at every phase and check whether they are studying well or not.

Some students naturally develop an interest towards studying, but some don’t. They find it boring and hence put much less of an effort. There might be other reasons like fear of failure or other distractions too. It is the job of the parent(s) to help him with such reasons. Following are some reasons by Etutorworld showing why your child hates studying-

1. Find Studies Boring

This might be something that most children might connect to. Children may find studying boring for multiple reasons. Maybe because of repetitive learning, fixed routines and timetables, or even mugging up. Of the many important reasons, one may find it boring because of the wrong method or way of teaching. The way a student is taught should be based on the student himself rather than the teacher. As a parent, you cannot overlook this point and take interest to improve the same.

2. Not having a Tutor

A lot of times a student might not understand a subject by himself and need assistance. Even if you or your child is giving everything in its might, he or she might struggle. This is when you might need a tutor who will help you with the right book, right notes, and personal guidance. Sometimes children might not be able to catch up with the pace at which the school is running with the syllabus. When I was a kid, I was deeply struggling with the concepts of Geometry and that is when my Mom hired a Geometry tutor for me. You can do the same too. Hiring a tutor will help you complete the important topics and the syllabus beforehand. A tutor will not only discuss the problems but invest time to clarify them too. Additionally, he will help the student finish their homework and improve exam results.

3. Lack of Proper Environment

A proper environment is extremely important to study. More often than not students struggle to have a proper environment to keep up with their studies. This means they are having a lot of distractions which tend to keep them away from their studies. In the current generation, the phone beep every minute, and even if it doesn’t, children have a habit of still looking into their phones every now and so. This not only hampers the students learning process but also creates anxiety. On the contrary, proper lighting, minimal disturbances and mental peace will help children concentrate well. All this adds up to the learning process of the child.

4. Has Failed to Achieve Certain Goals

There are times that even after hard work and determination, children have failed to achieve their milestones. This is when fear of failure or negative attitude pops up into the student’s head. This can even lead the student to fall into depression. Even more, if you as a parent keep complaining about the low scores, it will only make the situation worse. It is when you need to empathize with your ward and help him cope up from the same. Be supportive, and always stand by him so that your child never feels alone.

5. Lack of Appreciation and Rewards

Motivation is the key. If the process is not rewarding enough, the child may end up losing interest in the process. Now how will you motivate your child is completely on you and your child’s preferences. For example, you may give them chocolates as and when they finish with their studies or you may just take them for a small walk in the nearby garden in the middle of their process initiate a little change from the routine You can accompany them in their video games once they are done with the entire day’s tasks. This will help him study well and in time

Although the above 5 reasons are the most common ones, there might be other reasons too. Remember grades and results are not the only parameters to judge your child’s hard work. He might be very determined but the results might be sometimes disheartening. Don’t doubt your child, because he/she is trying and you are trying too!

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