How to choose the right affiliate network for you?

By James Marston

There are numerous affiliate networks now operating. If you work in the business of affiliate marketing, it can often be daunting when deciding on which network should be regarded and which networks should not. If you have been in the business for some time, you will too well that often there isn’t one defining factor that makes a network good or bad. Every affiliate has their own preferences and if a particular affiliate marketing company satisfies his preferences, that network would be considered as good by them. A network that seems bad to one individual might also seem good to someone else; everyone has their own opinions. Here are some tips that you may find useful when deciding if you should start working for a particular affiliate network or not.

-           Try to consider your hobbies and interests and bear these in mind when you begin looking for suitable affiliate programs that you can promote. Your affiliate network should be built around the products and services that you are truly passionate about. This is one of the most repeated sentences in the industry of internet marketing, yet many online entrepreneurs fail to ignore this. If you are personally attached to the service or product that you are selling, naturally you will be more inclined to put the effort in. And the best part is, it would not seem like work at all, instead quite the opposite, you’d be more likely to enjoy it. For example, you may run a blog for movie reviews. If you love to watch movies, the entire process of watching a movie and then reviewing it would seem like more of a passion as opposed to mundane work.

-           Make sure you are selective when it comes to choosing your affiliate customer support. If you are working with incompetent affiliate managers, this will only become a major obstacle in achieving your affiliate goals. The first thing that you should do is approach the customer support of the affiliate network. Since without the support of the company, it would not be possible to precede your relationship further. Advice from other affiliates in the industry can often be invaluable and recommendations from those you trust are strongly advised. When you are choosing your affiliate network, make sure that the affiliate manager addresses the problems of its affiliates quickly and always goes the extra mile to ensure your business runs smoothly.

-           Do your research beforehand and spend time reading a number of Compare affiliate programs and make an informed decision on the company. By reading affiliate network reviews, one can determine whether an affiliate company is reputable, looks after its affiliates and if the network is worth working with. With the growth in online marketing, it’s easy to find reputable sources and there are now numerous websites that focus specifically on affiliate network reviews, covering both their affiliate offers and services. This is no longer a difficult task. However, you must be careful to ensure that the reviews are unbiased and written by actual affiliates who have experience of working with them, since it is possible that the reviews could be sponsored or fake. Some reviews could be unreliable, so be very careful and interpret whether a review could be true or not. Also try to find out and compare affiliate network offers that are offered across multiple affiliate networks. It’s always good practice to get the big picture and identify which networks offer the most bang for your buck when it comes to the commissions they can offer you.

-           Make sure you check if the network pays its affiliates and whether affiliates are being paid on time or not? This point can’t be stressed enough, remember your commission is only yours once its left the network and its safely in your bank account or payment wallet. Find out whether anyone is experiencing payment delays and what the payment processing methods are. One should be able to find answers to all of the points mentioned above by checking reliable sites that show real reputable affiliate network reviews.

-           Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and test the affiliate network firstto find out whether it delivers on its promises. Promote the products and measure your progress simultaneously, as you build up more trust with the network and affiliate managers, naturally you can begin to promote more of their affiliate programs.

It is not an easy task to choose an affiliate network to work with, but it’s by no means impossible. Just always take your time and do your research bearing the above points in mind and you should be able to find the right network for you based on your interests and in most importantly your online business.



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