Best places to have sex

In terms of gender, there are no rules and desires that change with the times. While some couples make it a point of honor to have sex in exotic places or improbable places, others prefer to stay more traditional and just have a good old bed, which also has many qualities. The important thing is of course that everyone is having fun.

To discover what the preferences of couples for sex is, a recently conducted survey in the United States discovered what the favorite places are for couples to make love. From classic bedroom to the beach and in the office, there is something for everyone!

After reading this classification, one only needs to apply and test them!

Top 8 most popular places to make love
1. Bedroom: Unsurprisingly, this is the good old bedroom and the bed very comfortable coming in first place. This has not changed. Still good and many do enjoy it despite the passage of time. This does not mean that we should not show a little imagination from time to time to spice it all.
2. The other rooms in the house (!) Kitchen, bathroom, living room and even the garage is also part of popular places to make love. Nothing like coming home to feel confident and relaxed!
3. Hotel: another classic that is always up to date. The hotel has many advantages since it is a new place (and therefore more exciting), where couples can put aside their daily problems and just go with the flow. Sure it's easier to forget the cleaning up to do and just have fun.
4. The car much less comfortable than a bed, the car is yet a favorite for couples to make love. According to the interviewees, it is good in cars that can hold parts of legs in the air. The trick is not to get stuck between the steering wheel and gear lever. Not always easy.
5. The beach: With summer coming, it is not surprising to discover that the beach and warm sand are especially popular with couples for their summer antics. Obviously, we must put aside the sand scratches and people that could possibly be in the area at the wrong time. Unless this would give a little spice!
6. The camping holiday.  Apparently couples like it especially away from home to avoid the usual routines and explore other ideas. Camping in tents are places often mentioned. The comfort of a good comfortable bed is more distant.
7. Nature: another fantasy often mentioned, make love in the open wild and embrace nature is always very successful for couples especially this summer. Nothing like a few wildflowers to boost his libido more.
8. Office: the last place, couples enjoy making love in the office or on the workdesk. One way to unwind a little. Some places are also more popular than others for the antics in the office, but be careful not to get caught in the act, as it may cause some problems.

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