Essential PUBG Tips for Players of All Levels
Essential PUBG Tips for Players of All Levels

Prepare to the match in the lobby

  1. Try all possible movements in safety. Walk around (WASD), run (move with Shift hold), crouch (C), prone (Z), jump (Space). Feel the possibilities of your character in practice!
  2. Watch people around. Their appearance may reveal the power of your opponents – guys in rare PUBG clothes are rather experienced. It is nice to know with whom you are going to play.
  3. Meet your teammates. If you play with random partners, it would be better to make contact from the very beginning.
  4. Explore the location – you may visit this place later in the game, so knowing its features may become very useful.

Pick the right spot for the landing 

       5. Plan your landing place beforehand, and choose places a bit away from big towns. While flying on the plane, choose separate buildings, big farms, unnamed settlements on the map – look at them by pressing the “M” button. This helps to avoid big battles, and this kind of Player Unknown Battlegrounds tips is useful not only for beginners.

      6. Make marks on the map by right clicking. It will be visible for your teammates to land together in one place. Use marks later in the game to indicate your destinations. PUBG marks are also visible in the upper scale on the screen, so you will know where to fly/run/drive.

      7. Control your jump, leading the character to your goal. Forget about the marks during falling – watch real surroundings to choose a building to hide and loot first. Control the parachute – this allows to fall faster.

      8. Watch around your character without changing the direction of falling or running. Press and hold the “Alt” button. The same trick helps to watch around while hiding in a safe place. But notice that after releasing “Alt“, your character will shake a bit, and opponents may notice this movement.

Things you must DO after the landing

      9. Be attentive to those who land near you. Try to loot empty houses where there are no competitors – even if this means changing your starting plans. If you bump into someone, just fight barehanded. Jump and hit their head to increase your winning chances.

     10. Don’t waste time after landing – run into the nearest building to get weapons and equipment. Press and hold “Shift” to run in the location. Press the “=” button to sprint automatically.

     11. Close doors behind you! That is really a significant step: no one will know for sure if you are inside, other players will expect to find loot in this building, you’ll hear them from their first step inside. Close doors after leaving buildings – develop this habit, it will be very useful for PUBG matches.

     12. First, collect the most important items: weapons and ammo to become dangerous for opponents, a helmet and a bulletproof vest to protect yourself, a backpack to keep more things with you, healing items to cure the character.

     13. Avoid taking unnecessary items if you still don’t have a backpack. Keep slots in the inventory for ammo and medicines.

     14. Press the “R” button to reload a gun after getting it.

     15. Check the shooting mode of your weapon. It may be single (one bullet, for big distance), burst (a limited series of bullets), auto (unstoppable bullet streams). To change the mode, press the “B” button.

     16. Use the “Tab” button to open the items menu. You will see everything your character has and everything near him. Left click on items to take them (in the left side). Right click to activate items from your inventory (in the middle of the screen). Left click on your weapon to throw it away (in the right side).

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