7 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

Shutters are rigid windows that are set in a structural framework and are composed of horizontal, flat vanes (fixed or movable), attached at the top, center, and bottom of the framework. Most shutters are hinged by plantation shutters specialists Kent on either side of the window opening, to swing inward for more flexibility in light and air management. Plantation shutters can be designed as a single unit to cover the window or can be customized into multiple sections to allow different areas of the window to be open or closed independently. You can mount shutters as an inside mount or as an outside mount.

Thief Protection

Shutters that are designed by plantation shutter specialists to protect against thieves are made of metal. Such a protective barrier ensures maximum security when attempting to break. These are durable and reliable constructions that are not subjected to burglary and withstand the strongest loads, up to and including exposure to welding tools.

Weather protection

Due to the size that exactly fits the doorway, the shutters reliably protect from rain, snow, and cold and at the same time allow air to circulate freely without heat transfer. Shutters made of any materials will provide excellent protection from wind and cold, and at the same time retain heat indoors.

Home decoration

The shutters have an aesthetically attractive appearance, and in modern interiors, they are used not only as facade design but also as a decorative element inside the room. They can perform the function of framing the window space, be decorated with carvings and various decorative elements.


Shutters for windows come in different shapes: from classic rectangular to figured. The main condition is that the shutters close the window space and, if necessary, could close the entire window opening. You can make bets on an individual order, for example, if the window has the shape of an arch, then you can make shutters in the shape of repeating the opening.


These shutters are durable because they are not susceptible to corrosion and have high noise insulation. If you need a higher degree of protection, you can choose armored models. Plantation shutters installationis the best option for protecting large windows or window openings.

Better than counterparts

Even though the plastic window shutters exist for the interior design it is advisable by plantationshutters installation specialists to choose a plantation shutter. It is less susceptible to deformation, guarantees a long service life, looks more effective and richer.


Protective decorative structures, they can be varnished or painted, which allows them to be used in any interior. Such processing is also of practical importance - the products retain their attractiveness longer, repel moisture and dust.


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