Common Mistakes Made While Hiring Residential Movers

It is very important to hire the right residential movers. In order to choose the right one, you need to do away with any of the common mistakes that people usually tend to make.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made while hiring residential movers:

Not researching well
You need to do in-depth research before going for a moving company. Take out time and do a good amount of research. Little research will be of no help. Doing proper research is more important when it is supposed to be your very maiden move! You must check how they have performed online. You can check various listing sites and social media. You can even consider contacting some of the past clients who can give you a genuine insight into their moving experience.

Deciding in the last minute
Usually, genuine residential movers should be booked weeks and months in advance. For this reason, you need to prepare beforehand. There is no point in delaying here. You can book as soon as possible. Try to schedule your move before the arrival of the moving day. Keep in mind that the last-minute services cost more than pre-booked standard ones. So, drop your idea of waiting until the last week before your move. Just get done with the hiring part.

If you book in the last minute, you might have to pay more. You might have to settle with inexperienced movers, improper pick-up or delivery times and bad moving dates. The worst part is that you might have to pay heavy fees for bad services. This might cause you a great deal of stress during the time of the move.

However, you must book trustworthy moving services. This way you can be sure you’re your belongings will be taken proper care of. So, do not rush but certainly do not delay in hiring a moving company once you have done your deep research.

Not looking into the insurance factor
Most of the residential moving companies include a certain basic cover. However, this basic coverage might not be sufficient for you. In case your belongings get lost or misplaced during the transit, this insurance will offer partial compensation only. This might not be of much help to you. This is the reason why you must ask your movers to give you some additional insurance. You must contact an insurance agency to help you out. This additional cover can ensure absolute protection for your items. Thus, half of your moving stress can be cut down.

Not following all of the required steps
Just because something is claimed on the website, you should not believe it right then and there! You need to get a proper confirmation from them verbally. You might even consider going for a written contract that they will perform exactly what is claimed. You should ask for a quote only when you are satisfied with what they claim to do.

Getting just one quote
Of course, you are bound to get many options at the time of choosing a moving company. You might just get baffled by the huge number. However, you should never say yes to the first company that you come across. You must keep in mind that moving services are different in terms of rates, quality, and reliability. In case you get just one moving quote and jump into making your final decision, you might not get the best possible moving service. In fact, in the worst scenario, you might just end up hiring people with little experience. So, make sure to gather multiple quotes. This way you will be able to compare the prices and conditions well. It will help you to shortlist your choices to the 3 most appropriate movers in your locality. This way you can come up with a judicious decision! Keep in mind that the more estimates you gather, the easier it will be to find an ideal deal. If you are lucky enough, this deal might just suit your budget.

Not getting an on-Site estimate
You need to get a proper estimate of the overall moving costs. You must remember that online estimates can never be accurate. Same goes with estimates given on the phone.

You must get on-site binding estimates, without fail. When you get a representative of the moving company to visit your home for an on-site estimate, he can give you an accurate idea of the final moving costs. He will have a look at your items that need to be moved and then he will calculate the approximate costs.

Try to get quotes online only to research and weigh your options. But, in the end, request an on-site binding estimate before booking a moving company. The movers need to have a clear idea of the number and type of household items that need to be moved. They also need to know the particular size and weight. Only then can they come up with an accurate price. You can also ask the representatives who come to your home about everything you need to know. This is the best way to know about the possible moving scenario from beforehand.

Settling for the lowest estimate
You must remember that cost is not the only factor that you need to consider at the time of choosing the South Florida Residential Movers. Hiring a moving company that offers the lowest prices, there and then, is the biggest mistake that you can commit! The cheapest deal might be a complete bluff!

When you receive an estimate that is more than 25 % cheaper than the rest, get vigilant. You might be dealing with a rogue mover.If the deal is too good to be true, do not proceed further! Stop right there!

There are many scam artists who use low estimates to lure in customers. No matter what, never give your research a miss.
These are some of the common moving mistakes that you can make. Be cautious, keep your guards up. Think well hiring a moving company.

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