5 Types of Orientals Rugs to Buy

5 Types of Orientals Rugs to Buy

When it comes to giving a traditional touch to a room, oriental rugs have no match. They are unique and beautiful, available in various designs, fabrics, and colours to find the one matching well to your room interior. These are hand woven or handloom rugs. They are inspired by the art of the region from which they belong to.  Below are top oriental rugs which are the best seller across the world.

Balouchi Rugs

These are small rugs featuring geometric patterns. These authentic rugs are made from sheep wool and dyed in dark red or blue. The edges have goat or camel hair finishing. They can be a wonderful addition of homes planning to hang their rugs. In the Persian rug category, Balouchi rugs are one of the most recommended rugs. The making history of the rug claims that the distinct style of these rugs is adopted from several different cultures. Since pure wool is used, it keeps the room warmer. They are hand-knotted by the nomade of Baluch.

Overdyed Rugs

These rugs can be a statement of a house because of their unique colour texture. These area rugs are popular among those urban elites who want to give their room both modern and traditional touch. Their rich and vibrant colour add bold statements in a room effortlessly. According to interior experts, it is better to select an overdyed rug first and then pick the colour schemes of the room. Overdyed rugs are created by using multiple steps. During the making process, they are weaved using handloom. The dyeing process involves bleaching, colour saturation and a special drying process. Though these rugs are pricey, value to money investment to use generation after generation.

Tabriz Rugs

The origin of these rugs was from Tabriz which is a capital city of Azerbaijan. They are one of the oldest rug varieties because Tabriz has been known for centuries for its high quality rugs. During manufacturing, weavers use a mixture of fabrics like cotton with silk and wool with silk to give the fabric durability. Interesting patterns are crafted on these carpets like floral, hunting scenes and teardrops. If you have an antique Tabriz, it would be nothing less than a treasure. The resell value of these rugs is excellent.

Heriz Rugs

In the Persian rug category, they are one of the most popular choices of urban elites to give the room a traditional touch. These rugs feature an oversized medallion in the mid with a double or triple outline. They are durable, available in bold and vibrant colours. Floral patterns of different colours make them attractive.

Kashmiri Rugs

These are hand-knotted exclusive rugs crafted by Kashmiri carpet artists. They are an integral part of Kashmiri handicrafts. These rugs have intricate designs, usually floral of different colours and sizes. They are made primarily using pure sheep wool and silk. The blend of silk and wool fabric rugs are also available. One of the best things about these rugs is that they are available in a range of sizes including 3'x2' to the largest 18'x 12'. Each peice is unique and may take months or a year to complete because of handwork. Kashmiri rugs can be shopped from online from a reputed rug retailer.

How to Buy Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are expensive than machine made rugs. They are crafted with care by those workers who have years of experience. Shopping for these rugs should be from a reputed store. You can choose the store which is a specialist of all types of rugs and at the same time, offers an assurance of authenticity.

Pricing of these oriental rugs can vary depending on how much effort has been put in the craftsmanship and the fabric quality. If the rug is cheaper than your expectation, it could be fake.

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