Achieving success with on-demand taxi app like Uber: Essential features to integrate in the app
Achieving success with on-demand taxi app like Uber: Essential features to integrate in the app

The on-demand taxi business has witnessed a boom in recent years with players like Uber and Lyft dominating the ecosystem. The on-demand solution has transformed the transportation industry by infusing convenience with technology. The ride-hailing industry is estimated at $36 Billion and the numbers are projected to grow in the coming years.

What makes these on-demand apps a success?

Well, for one, these specialized services understand the market and deliver user benefit solutions. With just a few taps on the screen, a ride seeker can get a cab at their doorstep. Riders can even check the ratings of their designated driver and choose to cancel their trip as per their discretion.

Drivers, on the other hand, can earn a good income by joining ride-hailing service providers. With a single app, they are easily connected with nearby riders and can also rate the customers after each trip. Drivers can also cancel the trip or reject the ride request by providing appropriate reasons.

How to develop an Uber-like App?

Well, for starters, developing an app like Uber from scratch can be a very expensive and time-consuming affair. But with Uber Clone Script, you can save on both. Uber Clone Apps basically offer similar features and functionalities of the leading service provider and are 100% customizable to match your requirements. AppDupe, a leading Uber Clone App development company offers the most advanced solutions to help develop your ride-hailing application in no-time and at a fraction of your budget.

What features does AppDupe’s Uber Clone App offer?

The Uber Clone Software offers a dedicated application for passengers & drivers and an advanced panel for the Admin and the Dispatcher.

Passenger App

The advanced passenger app comes with a user-friendly interface for a glitch-free functioning all way long.

  • Schedule rides
  • Promo codes
  • Live ride tracking
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Fare Estimation
  • Ride History
  • Push Notifications
  • And much more
  • Driver App

The Driver app comprises all the crucial features to help drivers perform their duty seamlessly.

  • Social media login
  • Surge pricing
  • Earnings tab
  • Transaction history
  • Cancel trip
  • In-call feature
  • Live navigation
  • Profile creation
  • And much more
  • Admin Panel

A dedicated admin panel to help service providers track and control both the driver app and passenger app with ease.

  • Document verification
  • Trip report
  • Driver verification
  • Earnings report
  • Payment details
  • Sub-admins
  • And much more
  • Dispatcher Panel

The cutting-edge dispatcher panel helps the user to assign, dispatch and track the concerned drivers hassle free.

  • Social media login
  • Trip tracking
  • Registration
  • Profile creation
  • Reviews & feedback
  • Managing requests
  • And much more
  • Summing-up

With the market of on-demand taxi becoming highly lucrative, it has become imperative to join the bandwagon. Do so with AppDupe’s advanced Uber Clone App Development solutions, and start counting your billions today!

Uber clone helps you to launch an app for your taxi business in no time. Since developing an app from scratch is not an easy task, buying a clone is. After the popularity of taxi apps, every entrepreneur is looking for Uber clone apps. If you’re one among them, then you should check AppDupe.

Being a leading company in the field of app development, AppDupe offers bug-free Uber clone apps at an affordable price. The popularity of an app depends upon the features you add to it. The more features you add, the more customers you can attract. A slew of features you can include in your app are,

  • Live ride tracking
  • Smart digital wallet
  • Fare estimation
  • Desired location
  • Ride cancellation
  • Trip verification
  • Social media login
  • Surge pricing
  • Earnings tab
  • Transaction history
  • SOS button
  • Alerts on ride requests
  • Trips tracking
  • Profile creation
  • Get your app in no time.
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