Durable Heavy Duty Glass Shower Doors That Stand Up Best To Damage And Test Of Time
Durable Heavy Duty Glass Shower Doors That Stand Up Best To Damage And Test Of Time

Glass shower doors are normally added to a glass shower enclosure to accentuate the interior décor of a modern bathroom. There are many types of glass shower doors that you can choose from to ensure durability and a   great looking bathroom interior décor. When buying glass shower doors for a home upgrade or replacement, you need to check on factors such as the type of material used to make the door, the quality of the glass, and the durability period. If you would like to avoid replacements and repairs I future, it would be best to buy quality glass shower doors. The most durable types are made from tempered or laminated glass.  

These two types of glass are made under extreme conditions of temperature and strength. They are hardened such that they are difficult to break and are also resistant to scratching and abrasion. When you buy such a door for your shower enclosure, you can be sure not to need any replacements or repair anytime soon. Therefore, if you are looking forward to upgrading the look of your bathrooms’ interior, you need to check and understand the types of glass shower doors and decide which one is most suitable for you as one of the best bathroom shower design ideas. This article is for individuals who would like to understand the different types of glass shower doors that are available in the market and how they can be of benefit to them if they are fitted in their glass shower enclosures.  


Sliding Glass Shower Doors Made From Tempered Glass

Sliding glass shower doors are meant for small apartments since they do not need much space for them to operate effectively and efficiently. Also, they can be used for large bathrooms where there is a walk-in shower enclosure in an unsuited bedroom. The walk-in shower enclosures are designed such that they create a smooth transition between the open space and the shower enclosure. Therefore, in such a scenario, adding a sliding glass shower door is more effective and elegant. There would be an improved level of sleekness and elegance since you will have a   modernized bathroom. When installing sliding doors, there are rollers at the bottom which are attached to rails. The rollers should be of high quality so that there is no much friction between the wheels and the rails. This way, you will enjoy a long-lasting glass shower door. Also, the tempered glass is considered to be a strong glass which cannot be easily shattered or scratched. A scratch free glass shower door is perfect for a bathroom that needs to look amazing at all times. The sliding glass shower doors made from a tempered glass is one of the many popular designs available in the market today.    


Hinged Shower Door Made With Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is another type that is made under extreme conditions of temperature and strength. The glass is made from two layers of glass panes and a polyvinyl chloride between them. The polyvinyl helps to make the glass stronger and shatter resistant. Glass shower doors that are made from laminated glass are more shatter resistant and also not easily scratched or damaged by abrasive chemicals. When buying a glass shower door, there is a   constant need to have a durable type which is more comfortable and cost-effective for a homeowner. With a door made from laminated glass in your bathroom, you would not need to worry about repairs or replacements. If you have been wondering about the type of glass that you will use for your shower doors, then this could be your perfect choice. Also, you should know that the hinged doors are only suitable for large apartments with sufficient space to allow for the free opening of the fixed door.  


Glass Shower Door With An Accent

Glass shower doors can be fitted with wooden accents to make them unique and attractive. Having an accent added to the bathroom can make it classier and boredom-free.  Wooden frames are mostly used when a shower enclosure is not entirely made of glass. The shower panels may be partially made from glass with one of the walls being tiles or concrete. In such a situation, it is recommended that you can add accentuated doors so that you create a   unique interior décor in your bathroom. If you do not know how to identify the right wood for your bathroom decoration, you can contact experts at fab glass and mirrors. The part which has a wooden frame can be painted to make it more attractive and thematic. The colors used to paint the wooden frames should be bright to make the space more interesting and brighter.  Dull colors will only introduce boredom which is not what you want for your bathroom. 


Foldable Glass Doors

How much space do you have in your bathroom? This is an essential question when you are about to install a shower enclosure or door.  Usually, foldable glass shower doors are suitable for small bathrooms which cannot fit the fixed types of doors. The foldable glass shower doors are made in such a way that they can be folded twice or more times. This way, you save on much space as there is no additional space required for the efficient opening of the door. If you are not able to come up with the right design for the glass shower door that fits your bathroom, you should go for the foldable design. It will help improve the look of your bathroom interior as well as raise the class and elegance of the décor  


Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower door made of frosted glass is a great addition to any modern home. Frosted glass provides privacy to any individual using the bathroom. The obscurity of the frosted glass ensures that you are comfortable when using a bathroom that is used by more than two people. The thickness of the frosting film is dependent y on the level of privacy that you want to attain. When a door is frameless and frosted, the sleekness and elegance in the bathroom are unfathomable.  Sometimes, you can add color to the frosting film to make the space brighter and more conspicuous.

Additionally, the edges of the frameless glass shower doors should be beveled to avoid any accidents from happening. Usually, beveled edges of glass shower doors reflect light from overhead light bulbs making the space brighter and warmer. This is one of the main reasons that you should have frameless glass shower doors that are beveled along the edges. Beveling should be done using mechanical means to ensure the edges are perfect.  


Corner Shower Doors For Small Apartments

Living in a small apartment can be challenging especially when it comes to adding furniture and accessories in the home. The bathroom is an important area that should be decorated to make it more comfortable and warmer for the homeowners. The corner glass shower enclosures also require corner shower doors so that they can look more comfortable sleek and elegant. If you are looking forward to upgrading the look of your bathroom even when you are living in a small apartment, you should go for the corner glass door and you will not be disappointed.

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