Top gaming keyboards 2019
Top gaming keyboards 2019

In the article best gaming keyboards in 2019, we’ll be picking out a variety of choices from different brands. We’ll also focus on different categories such as mechanical keyboards, budget keyboards, and the best gaming keyboards for playing like a pro.
All of the keyboards on this list are great, but they have their own pros and cons. You’ll need to read through the information we have provided to make an educated decision about which keyboard will be best for you.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

  • Wireless gaming keyboards are useful for when you want to keep a clutter-free desk
  • On the flip side, a wireless gaming keyboard will need to be charged regularly or have new batteries added when the charge runs out

Wired Gaming Keyboard

Most keyboards fall into the wired gaming keyboard category. Most major brands focus most of their efforts into creating great wired gaming keyboards, or just best-wired keyboard, which also can be used as gaming. With good cable management, the keyboard cable can be kept out of the way and it can feel like it’s not even there.

Mechanical gaming keyboard

Heralded as one of the most popular keyboards for gaming and touch typing, the mechanical gaming keyboard features mechanical switches. You really get to feel when a key is pressed and the response time is usually better than your standard membrane style keyboard.

Silent gaming keyboard

Mechanical keyboard can be very noisy, which isn’t great if you live in a shared environment or you use a microphone that can pick up your typing. Silent gaming keyboards typically use membrane keys - they make less noise when pressed and are great for when you prefer quieter typing over better response times.


Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50

If you care less about the keyboard style and simply want a keyboard that’s reliable and durable at a great price, we would consider the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard, for our opinion, it’s the best gaming keyboard under 50.

The Corsair K55 uses membrane keys, so whilst it won't have satisfying tactile feedback or record-breaking response time, it’s still reliable and the key presses are quieter.

This keyboard features:

  • 6 extra programmable keys
  • Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Dedicated volume and multimedia controls
  • Membrane keys

If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard under 50, we can recommend you Redragon K552 gaming keyboard.


Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

If you are able to stretch your budget to $100, you have a lot more to play with. At this price point, you can afford to purchase a mechanical keyboard from a trusted brand.

We would consider the Corsair STRAFE, one of the best gaming keyboard under 100. Designed with esports in mind, this keyboard has:

  • Cherry MX keys that feature a very clicky, tactile feel
  • A uniform red RGB backlight
  • USB pass-through support which means you can plug your headset, mouse, or other USB peripherals right into your keyboard

If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard under 100, we can recommend CORSAIR K70 LUX gaming keyboard.


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