How to "Do-It-Yourself" Fixing Parts
How to "Do-It-Yourself" Fixing Parts

Caring for a vehicle can take a lot of time and money. Not only do you find yourself searching for professional individuals you can trust with your car, you have to sift through options in order to find yourself a good deal. Even if you find the best auto body shop for your dollar, you will still find yourself paying not only for the parts manufacturing your vehicle needs but time and labor costs as well. So why not become your own mechanic and essentially "Do-It-Yourself"? In this article, we will discuss some great tips when it comes to fixing your vehicle yourself.


1. Changing Brake Pads


This is a DIY project that can save you a ton of money. Many auto body shops charge their customers hundreds of dollars for this service, and when you consider that the cost for the brake pads is usually situated between $20 to $40, you can see how tackling this repair yourself can be the best option for your wallet. Many people choose not to DIY their brake pads because they mistakenly believe it will be too difficult for them to handle. Don't let this be you. Changing out your brake pads is not difficult, and in many instances, the professionals want people to be intimidated by their cars. After all, that is what keeps them in business!


You will need to remove the wheel and hardware, and then the worn out brake pads. Push the caliper piston and then install the brand new brake pads, and then install the hardware back where it should be. Even during your first time changing brake pads, you should have all four wheels complete in under one hour. Monitor your brake pads every 10,000 miles or so. When they begin to fall beneath 3mm in thickness, it is time for a new set.


2. Tackling Oil Change


Another service that is primarily done in a mechanic's shop is an oil change. In most cases, an oil change will cost you at least $20, although in some areas this service's price can be as high as $100. No matter what the cost is, it can certainly be lower when you change your vehicle's oil yourself. You can also select a higher grade oil than what is given at a body shop, ensuring that your car runs efficiently.


Purchase a quality oil filter and the highest grade oil that you can afford for your vehicle. You will need a jack, oil filter wrench, and a drain pan. You only need to purchase these once as they last for decades and many oil changes. You can find a variety of videos online that will show you how to change the oil in the car that you drive.


3. Fixing a Chip


So your windshield is chipped. But all is not lost! Fortunately, you can purchase a repair kit online for less than $15. When it arrives, simply follow the instructions provided and save your windshield. Don't wait, as you do not want to have to replace the whole windshield if the crack gets larger.


In conclusion, get more info and you can save yourself a lot of time and money by handling these repairs and other simple things like twisting springs.


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