Learn Some Things About Adjusting To Stay-At-Home Life As A New Mom

Choosing to become a stay-at-home mom as a new mother or experienced one isn't a small matter, and a lot of moms having their first kid who decide to go down this path are heading into uncharted waters. A lot of women set aside their ambitions and careers in order to assume this new role. Many new parents looking for the perspective of other parents just hear how they'll find ways to get along. However, you might not want to just get along. You likely want to be successful and happy even in this chapter of life.


The first thing you need to do during this adjustment is to remember you still have a choice. It was your decision to stay at home as a mother, but that doesn't mean you have to just stay at home all the time, handle all the cleaning and cooking, or just be there to respond to the needs of your kids. You still have a life of your own to care for too.


In regards to your kids, accept the fact that you can't control everything. You'll have to embrace the constant uncertainty and challenges that pop up. Your baby's needs will come up at random, even if you're trying to enjoy a long bath.


Stay mentally present though, because this stage passes by a lot faster than you might ever imagine. A lot of mothers wind up getting nostalgic about the infant days, so dial back how much time you spend on your phone or laptop and get every minute you can with your kids.


Work around your baby's schedule. You'll quickly discover that while caring for your infant can seem random in when it pops up, that it might happen in 2- to 4-hour intervals. These are when you feed your infant, clean them, put them back to sleep, and then repeat. It's during these naps that you can tackle the things you need to do and then hopefully the things you'd like to do.


Don't assume that you should do all the household chores because you're there 24/7. In fact, that's crazy. If something needs to be repaired, call appliance repair in Irving. Your time and energy are limited, and your baby comes first while you come second. Get others in your home to do their part. If the family still isn't enough, look into grocery delivery and maybe even a maid.


Don't let the calendar kill you. As much as a baby will interrupt your sleep, and if you don't get out much, you might start losing track of what day it is, much less days and nights. Assign themes to every day of the week to spice things up. Maybe Mondays are for making food and Thursdays are for shopping. Schedule a day to get your hair done at the Tribeca Hair Studio.


Speaking of being there 24/7, don't do it. The isolation, constant interruptions, and unchanging scenery will get to you at times, maybe even every day. Keep in mind that you're not alone, and reach out anyway you can as often as you can. Get out for play dates, mommy groups, and coffee or tea. When you can't physically get out, reach out digitally on Skype, Facebook, email, forums, or just the phone.


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