Cardboard Boxes Packaging History and Facts

Cardboard boxes are the preferred choice of various entrepreneurs. They have made their way in the packaging sector in very little time. The main reason for its worldwide acceptance is its advanced features. Cardboard is the most versatile material. Due to its durability and affordability, it is used to package a number of products. Custom packaging boxes are also considered an ideal choice for shipping and storage. They provide ultimate protection to the products and ensure safe delivery. The cardboard is made from a naturally occurring substance so it is readily available with less chance to get short of it after some time. Being lightweight and eco-friendly adds to its advantages. The custom boxes we use today were not the same previously. They have a long history and evolved gradually with time. Here we are going to discuss the history and interesting facts about cardboard boxes packaging:

History of Packaging:

Paper is the oldest form of ‘flexible packaging' we use today. The history of packaging started in the first or second century B.C when Chinese started to wrap the food items in the sheets of mulberry bark. During the next 1500 years, papermaking techniques modified over time and reached the Middle East, then to Europe and finally the United Kingdom in 1310. By 1690, they became popular all over America. But the first paper was different from what we use today. It was made from flax fibers and afterward from linen rags. Then a sudden took place in 1867, and the paper was started manufacturing from wood pulp as it is made today. This invention holds significant importance in the history of the packaging industry.

The first commercial paper bags were manufacturers in Bristol, England by the year 1844. The bag-making machine was invented by Francis Wolle in 1852 in the United States. More advancement occurred during the n1870s which included glued paper sacks and gusset design. As the next century started by 1905, the machine was invented which produced printed paper bags automatically. These glued paper bags replaced the expensive cotton flour sacks. They started coming in double or tripled walled to increase the strength of packaging.

The Invention of Cardboard Box:

Sometimes the cardboard boxes go highly unappreciated, but it would be a surprise to know that the first cardboard box was created by an accident back in 1879. Robert Gair was a factory owner in Brooklyn, New York where paper bags were manufactured. One day he along his workers was printing a large order of seed bags. One of his workers accidentally cut 20,000 paper bags which were to be creased. It led to the ruining of a large order. Robert Gair thought that they should be wasted and something creative should be done out of them. He made the first folding box template with them. It was an initiation to make cardboard boxes where a flat sheet of cardboard can be folded to make a box. Robert Gair offered these cardboard boxes to some food packaging companies, which were his old clients.

The Kellogg brothers were the first to use these paperboard cartons for their cereal packaging in Michigan. It was the time when these boxes started becoming popular all over the world. This health food targeted a group of masses when a heat-sealed Waxtite bag was started to wrap around the outside of the plain box. This outer wrapper was printed with the brand's name, logo and other necessary product information. Today, a plastic liner placed inside the printed carton is used to protect the cereals and other food items. Soon after this invention, corrugated cardboard was developed. This ranged from single to double or triple walled depending upon the customer requirement. By the 1900s, these corrugated paperboard boxes replaced wooden crates and other forms of packaging used for trade. Custom cardboard boxes gained huge popularity by the 20th century when a number of entrepreneurs started using it to package different products. With the increase in environmental concerns, eco-friendly practices were introduced in cardboard packaging.

Facts about Cardboard Boxes Packaging:

Now we will discuss some of the interesting facts about cardboard boxes which a very few among you might know:

  • Cardboard Boxes are Made in Various Colors:

There is a misconception about cardboard that it comes only in brown color. Although most of the cardboard packaging is created in natural Kraft color with the help of advanced techniques, custom packaging boxes can be designed in a number of colors of your choice.  They are made from colorful paperboard to give an attractive display. The use of fascinating graphics and artistic patterns can add more value to your colored custom boxes by TheCustomBoxes.

  • American’s Agricultural Industry uses a Large Proportion of Cardboard:

Another interesting fact is relating to the use of cardboard boxes. More than 50% of the custom cardboard boxes manufactured in America are used by its agricultural sector for daily transferring of food items from farm to grocery and retail stores.

  • Cardboard is Used to Provide Shelter:

Cardboard has been using as a symbol of homelessness for years. Poor and homeless people use these boxes to provide them shelter under the worst atmospheric conditions. Its durability and thickness make it perfect for this use. Cardboard played an important role in World War 2. Warriors used it to serve as a protection against gas marks distributed all over the city.


  • Recycling cardboard Saves Huge Amount of Resources:

The latest trend is moving towards eco-friendly packaging. A number of businesses have inclined towards its use due to various benefits. It would be interesting to know that recycling one ton of cardboard saves 4000kWh of electricity, 7000 gallons of water, 46 gallons of oil, 17 trees and 8 cubic yards of landfill space. It requires almost 25% less energy as used to make cardboard from scratch. Such amazing statistics of saving natural resources motivate us to play our part in environmental sustainability.

  • Cardboard is used for Kids Crafts and Home Décor:

You might have a number of cardboard boxes lying in some corner of your storeroom. Instead of disposing of those you can reuse them in a variety of ways. With a little creativity, they can be repurposed into kid’s crafts. You can make dollhouse, cars, kitchen, maze, racing car track, guitar, washing machine and a number of toys for kids. Let them decorate in the way they want. It is a great way to have fun without spending a single penny. Another option is to use cardboard boxes for home décor. Make photo frames, wall hangings, show rack, storage bins and a number of items of your choice.

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