The Immigration Bill, Who's In, Who's Out

The immigration bill is slowly making its way through congress. Whether it will finally get passed this time with all the bipartisan fuss is anyone's guess. Some Republicans with their staunch supporters at the Heritage foundation are desperately trying to derail it on bogus claims that have been debunked by every fact checker.

Senator Marcu Rubio of Florida haas made it his signature accomplishment. He is walking a fine line as not to alienate his mentor Jim De Mint who was one of the very first Washington insiders to throw his strong Tee party following towards when the junior senator was still seeking the primary election for his current seat. He handily ousted then Florida Governor Charlie Christ in a heated primary election that saw the governor switch from being a Republican to running again for the senate seat as an independent. Unfortunately, he never made it in the general election as the Democratic counterpart stayed in the race for the long haul and spoilt it for both men.

Immigration overhaul is certainly long overdue. There are millions of illegal immigrants in the United States that are either underpaid, exploited and their children barely manage to go through the system. Creating a legal path for these immigrants to be lawful residents is a challenge, but would ultimately provide a strong economic manpower the US desperately needs.

The first hurdle of the immigration debate passed the senate with an 82-15 vote with a significant chunk of Republicans siding with the Democratic majority. Opponents of the bill had expected it to pass the Senate despite the strong opposition from conservative groups. Some GOP lawmaker however contend that the bill is likely to get defeated in the house in its current form because of a pathway to citizenship has not yet been stripped from it.

Hispanics make up the largest percentage of illegal immigrants and there are equally the fastest growing voting demographic in the US. This certainly poses severe challenges for both parties that are readying to get more votes from this bloc. Many Hispanics see themselves as more aligned towards Democratic than Republican causes. This definitely puts the Republican party in cross hairs are the see it as a lose lose situation for them with no way out.

President Obama won a large bloc of Hispanic votes in the last election compared to Mitt Romney. Some experts have attributed this to the harsh rhetoric Mitt Romney used to describe Hispanics. Mitt Romney during a Presidential Debate in the Republican primary said he would institute very harsh and severe conditions for illegal immigrants that will cause many to self-deport.

The immigration debate is not likely to come to any satisfying end soon. Anticipate lots of angry town hall meetings, protests, fist exchanges, yells and lots of heckling along the way.

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