Top 10 Ayurveda Brands Of India


Ayurveda, the ancient and holistic science originated in India almost 5000 Years back but has spread its branches throughout the globe due to modernization.Over the years, when people started noticing the harmful side effects of modern medicines and started their search for alternative healing methods, they found that herbs and holistic approach towards good health is the best option.

In today’s era Ayurveda is considered more safe and helpful because it offers natural methods of treatment. Usage of ayurvedic / herbal products is more common today than it has been ever due to awareness regarding the safety and efficacy of herbs.

As from last approx 10 years so many ayurvedic brands emerged and many business minded people adopted this as their profession to manufacture and sell fancy products, only a few brands still follow the ancient methods of manufacturing and only a few out of them used modern innovative methods to improvise the ancient science.

Very few among them are connected to the roots of Ayurveda and formulated various Ayurvedic products mentioned in our classic text books and these products have influenced the universe by their efficient capability to manage diseases as well as maintaining good health.
These few brands gave their best to maintain decorum and purity.

These brands are the reason that people were offered safe and effective medicines and they accepted Ayurveda as an integral part of their lifestyle or their healthcare needs. These brands provided scientifically proven evidence which further made Ayurveda more authentic and acceptable.

 Ayurveda is a traditional science that dates back over a thousand years which aids in curing any health ailments and diseases

Top 10 Ayurveda Brands Of India

Here are the top 10 Ayurvedic brands that have their origin in India but accepted all over the world.

  3. DABUR
  4. ZANDU


  • Patanjali Ayurveda is a fast-growing brand that has introduced many products related to healthcare, home care and personal care. The inventor of this brand Baba Ramdev along with his co- founder Balkrishna works to serve mankind by means of education and Yoga.
  • As there were many followers of Baba Ramdev, they introduced herbal products for the followers and grown at a very rapid pace.
  • Slowly this brand has become more popular due to its home care and personal care products.
  • Today, Patanjali is focusing more on the manufacture of grocery items, food products, personal care products etc. and therefore Patanjali is lacking behind in the formulation of authentic Ayurvedic products.


  • Himalaya established in 1930 and came with the first medicine for hypertension named ‘Serpina’, became famous for its well known product Liv.52 that is introduced by the founder of this brand ‘Mr. M. Manal’.
  • Their mission is ‘Bring wellness and joy to every home via herbal solutions based on science’.
  • They offer herbal products and daily care products for humans as well as for animals.Himalaya focused on research and published many research documents to attract herbalists all over the world.
  • This influenced people’s decisions about using herbs.
  • Himalaya has developed various Ayurvedic products based on research.
  • Today, Himalaya is offering personal care range such as shampoos, soaps, products for men, women, children etc. and herbal formulations as well.


  • Dabur was established in 1884 by Dr. S. K Burman. They manufacture health care products as well as home care products.
  • Today its portfolio includes five flagship brands – Dabur, Real, Fem, Vatika and Hajmola with the vision of ‘Dedicated to health and well being of every household’.
  • Dabur was famous for manufacturing classical Ayurvedic formulations but now they operate in key consumer categories like hair care, oral care, skin care, home care, food products etc.


  • Zandu is a brand that manufactures various products related to personal and health care.
  • Initially, they started with Classical Ayurvedic products and slowly added personal care products to their range to cater needs of the individual at a personal level.
  • Established in the 70’s and became famous for its product –ZanduBalm. Now a days it hasbecome a part of Emami Limited. It offers classical, ethical and OTC Ayurvedic drugs throughout the world. The classical Ayurvedic formulations of Zandu are limited.


  • Charak Pharma came into existence in the year 1947. Established by Sh. D.N. Shroff and Dr. S. N Shroff with the vision to propagate Ayurveda throughout the world.
  • They provide herbal medicines and supplements to empower health. Over the years, Charak has established itself as an international herbal company by manufacturing top quality products and services.
  • It offers various Ayurvedic formulations, products for personal care and nutraceutical formulations.


  • Emami Limited established in the year 1974 in Kolkata and founded by Radhe Syam Agarwal, Radhe Syam Goenka and Amit.
  • They manufacture more than 300 herbal products as of date related to cosmetics and health care.
  • Emami acquired the heritage brand Zandu in 2008 and it mostly manufactures personal care and beauty products such as Boroplus, Navratna, Fair & Handsome, Mentho Plus Balm, Kesh King etc.


  • Baidyanath, was founded in 1917 by late Pt. Ram Dayal Joshi with the aim of effective and readily available medicines.
  • This brand formulates wellness and healthcare products, food products and personal care products with over 700 formulations.
  • They are the leader in classical Ayurvedic formulations and well accepted throughout India.


  • Everyone 90’s kid” has remembered the popular Ad on “Doordarshan”(India’s National TV Channel) ‘Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream featuring ‘Neerja Bhanot’ famous youth icon of 90’s.
  • A famous ayurvedic brand that has given more concerns about the beauty aspect. VICCO –was established in 1952, founded by Sh. K. V.Pendharkar. Particularly Vicco Laboratories deal with the herbal personal care products only.


  • Planet Ayurveda is a popular brand established in 2002 by Dr. Vikram Chauhan [MD-Ayurveda]. Their dedication, hard work and innovations in the field of Ayurveda through clinical research helped this brand to come up with many unique herbal combinations.
  • Planet Ayurveda products are well known in International markets mainly the USA, Europe, and Canada as very few Indian brands got approvals from FDA to sell their products in these countries.
  • Planet Ayurveda has a wide range of herbal products to cover almost all segments as well as health conditions.
  • They are leaders in online consultations through their unique and innovative online consultations web portal.
  • Their rapid growth in just a span of 16-17 years is remarkable. They are basically healthcare providers of the Modern India.
  • Planet Ayurveda's products are manufactured under the guidance of MD Ayurveda expert Dr. Vikram Chauhan.Patients all over the world visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan to take consultations for acute and chronic disorders.


  • Established in 1999, it deals with ayurvedic medicines, ointments and creams and even formulates some other chemicals. Directors of this brand are Inder Setia, Vishwanathan Swaminathan and Shashi Setia.
  • It offers a wide range of Ayurvedic healthcare and personal care products but does not manufacture classical Ayurvedic formulations.


  • These brands are highly in demand in India and many other countries. Among these brands, few brands like Himalaya, Charak and Planet Ayurveda brought more respect towards Ayurveda due to their continuous research work.
  • These brands attracted a great number of herbalists from around the world and eventually made their reach to global markets and generated great revenue for India as well.
  • This article will help you decide better among popular Ayurveda brands for your healthcare needs and personal care needs.

In an ideal Ayurvedic medicine, these potent herbs from Nature’s storehouse are used in formula form that combines multiple herbs to make a potent medicinal potion.

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