Guide To Enjoy Brisbane Cycling Festival with Kids
Guide To Enjoy Brisbane Cycling Festival with Kids


Brisbane is the heart of Queensland, Australia and also its capital. There are many things to do with kids here. There are a lot of movements with children in Brisbane and it's an awesome kids-friendly city; compact to explore, yet with a ton of attractions, movements and events for kids. All in all, it is a great idea for you to visit Brisbane with your children. You can also save yourself from spending too much money by using different coupons and vouchers. So explore Brisbane with your kids without disturbing your budget!

Brisbane Cycling Festival

Every year, Brisbane hosts a number of different festivals and community events that bring the entire city together to enjoy and have fun with their friends and families. One such highly anticipated affair is the Brisbane Cycling Festival

This cycling festival being held in Brisbane will attract a huge number of vacationers to visit the Sunshine State from around the globe. This is a multimillion-dollar boost for the travel industry to increase tourism in Brisbane.  The Brisbane Cycling Festival commenced on the 28Th of March 2019 and will end on 14th April 2019. It will take place at the renowned Anna Meares Velodrome and other similar venues all around the city. This two-week event will continue to take place once a year for the next two years as well which will bring around $8 million into the economies per year. This also shows how Australians spend their money on such actions.


Kate Jones, the Minister for Tourism Industry Development said that cycling is becoming more and more popular in Australia with more than four million Australians riding a bicycle on a daily basis. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for locals as well as tourists to ride together and make the most of this beautiful city, its tourist spots, local landmarks and the streets in a pleasant, safe and controlled environment. 

More than 2,000 riders from different levels from all around the globe will come together to Brisbane for the Union Cycliste Internationale-sanctioned Gran Fondo which is one of the most prestigious and oldest committees in the world for professional riders and cyclists. Cycling lovers will partake in different types of participation events which include professional, mass participation, amateur, and a national street cycling series. It will also host Cycling Australian Track National Championships and the last of the six-day worldwide track series.

Free Community Ride with Kids – Sunday 14th April 2019


The biggest highlight of the event for the citizens of Brisbane is the non-competitive short 8km ride which is a free Tour de Brisbane's public ride funded by The Sunday Mail. It is set to draw in both pro cyclists, amateurs and a large group of friends and families. It's a fun ride that is for anyone who is of age 6 years and above.  It is an exceptional occasion for everybody to get out there and ride their bicycle while appreciating the communal atmosphere of Brisbane.

Amy Gillett Fundraiser Ride

Ride for a cause! Cycle tourism doesn’t get any better than this with closed road rides from beginning to end as more than 94 cops and 88 traffic controllers stay on call for your safety. Take part in it and help raise funds for Amy Gillett Foundation which will be used to increase cycle safety in Brisbane and alter the course of injuries to the local cyclists.

Enjoying Brisbane with Kids

This city safe cycling event is an excellent way to spend time with kids. Apart from cycling around town, Brisbane is buzzing with exciting things to do with your kids. Take them to visit Queensland Museum, for a stroll at the South Bank or for an exciting ride on the Wheel of Brisbane. Another great family activity is watching a show at Brisbane Arts Theater; see the spectacular cast perform at the Brisbane Arts Theater as they present various kid-friendly shows. With a rotating youngsters' program, there will undoubtedly be something to suit each and every one. You can look at the program online and book it the tickets in advance. You can also visit various amusement parks like adventure parks, national wildlife forests and local theme parks.


Beautiful, scenic and open-skied, Brisbane is ideal for family holidays and travel; a brilliantly compact but diverse city strewn with tropical reefs, surf shorelines, and architectural gems. This family-friendly city is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and help them explore the world at a young age.


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