11 Top Farewell gifts for your Colleague

Some goodbyes are better than others because they bring better possibilities and opportunities for the person leaving. In today’s world, everybody is pursuing something in order to become better than what they already are; what becomes one’s loss becomes someone else’s opportunity. Since everybody is part of this rat race, they don’t hold back people from seeking what they think is best for them, instead, they cheer for the people and wish them good luck for their endeavour.  If you too know a colleague, who is leaving their current designation to seek something better, encourage them with a cheerful token of a gift and bade them farewell in the best possible manner with these simple yet thoughtful gifts:

  1. Farewell Cake and Flower Bouquet:If the farewell is for a dear colleague who also happens to be your friend at the office, don’t wait until the day of the farewell to wish them luck. Prepare a surprise for them in the form of their favourite cake and flowers and send it to their doorstep via midnight flower delivery in Delhi and wish them a successful and smooth professional life ahead.
  2. Caricatured photo frame:Capture the happy moments in a lively picture and personalise your choice of a farewell gift for your colleague to add a touch of nostalgia to it. Gift your cool colleague a great caricatured photo frame on their farewell that will also serve as a memento of all the great times you shared.
  3. Chocolates and Flowers: If goodbyes and partings are not your things then you don’t have to worry about getting an ideal farewell gift for your colleague. Instead, get them a good luck token in the form of a box of yummy chocolates and fresh flowers like orchids or lilies and send it via midnight flower delivery in Delhi on the Eve of their new joining date. They will be touched by your sweet and thoughtful gesture and will be able to start their new journey on a sweet note. 
  4. Stationary holder: No matter how many drawers are there on a desk, some stationary will always lie around on the table top. To help your colleague become more organised and neat at their new workplace, gift them a prim and proper stationary holder as their parting gift. Look for the ones that have plenty of room for pens, marker and clips but also act as a sleek mobile holder when in use.
  5. Flower Bouquet:If the farewell party of a senior you respect a lot is also their retirement party, the safest choice of gift for your is a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers like Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Dahlia or Daisies for them along with a heartfelt note. It will be your silent way of conveying your well-wishes to them and at the same time thanking them for their valuable contribution at the office.
  6. Journal and Pen Set: Get a trendy planner and a chic pen set for that colleague who you think should deserve a medal for their organisational and planning skills. Gift them a simple but useful gift on their farewell which they will put to really good use and will surprise everyone at their new workplace too.
  7. 7.      Zen Garden:The insane work pressure and the burden of several responsibilities make the adult mind so stressed out and fatigued that it affects their performance and creativity too. On top of all, the fear of joining a new environment makes them even more anxious and cautious. Help your dear colleague begin their new life chapter on a relaxed and peaceful note by giving them a mini setup of Zen Garden for their new desk. Check out for small and convenient sizes of Zen Gardens and other desk accessories from your favourite local florist in Delhi and pick the best one for your colleague’s farewell. 
  8. Name Tag and Coffee Cup:Everybody deserves a great coffee cup! Get your colleague an interesting coffee cup that has a quote or design from their favourite fictional character or show and allows them to enjoy their regular coffee even more. Besides a wonderful coffee cup, give a stylish name tag to them as a parting gift and help them earn a name for themselves in the new place.
  9. Green Succulent:  Who says only flowers make up a sweet parting gift? Extend your well-wishes to your colleague on their farewell by giving them a cute potted succulent. Wish your colleague a stroke of good luck for their new job and life ahead through your choice of green; ask your florist in Delhiwhich succulent stands for positivity and good luck and pick it up for your colleague.  You can either pick a size that’s perfect for indoor or choose a small version which they can take to their new office to place on their new cubicle.
  10. Flower Basket and Good Luck Card:Ensure that your dear colleague ends their journey on a happy note with sweet memories. Gift them a beautiful basket of colourful flowers like sunflower, gerbera daisies or chrysanthemums along with a good luck card that is signed by all your fellow colleagues. You can also send the sweet combo via midnight flower delivery in Delhi and convey your best wishes in a sweet manner.
  11. Flowers and Dry fruit Basket: If your colleague is someone who is a fitness freak and leads a healthy life, encourage them further by giving them a healthy basket of dry fruits and top it off with a bunch of fresh flowers. Who knows they might actually carry the dry fruits to their new office and grab a bite from time to time? Whatever it might be, they will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy the beauty of your unique gift.

Still confused about what to get your colleague on their farewell? Ask them what they want and get rid of all the confusion once and for all.

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