14 Stunning Night Flowers
14 Stunning Night Flowers

There are a lot of stunning flowers that blossom with the first ray of sun but close as soon as the sun sets. Though they may bring a cheery vibe to a social gathering or party, most of the time they are not fit for the parties slotted for late nights or evening. Such gatherings demand something glamorous and nocturnal in nature to match its vibe.

Keeping this in mind we have prepared a list of 14 such stunning night flowers that are fit for any evening gathering or to make your home ready for an intimate dinner party:

  1. Water Lilies: The stunning aquatic beauty blooms in the late afternoon and shines with elegance until the next morning. If you have a small garden fountain or artificial water body at your disposal, add a touch of beauty to it by adding the tropical beauty to it and allow it to float gracefully on the water surface, emitting a soft and charming glow.
  2. Four O' Clock Flower: As the name suggests, these sweet perennials bloom around 4 O’ clock each day. The pretty flowers light up a garden with its soothing beauty and blossom in a variety of colours, including pink, purple, red and white. Bring home an adorable potted plant of four O’ clock from a flower shop in Bangalore and beautify the ambience of your home with a sweet and colourful vibe.
  3. Evening Primrose: The cup-shaped blossoms of evening primrose fill that ambience around it with sweet delight. Their availability in bright shades of pink, yellow and white make them an eye-catchy addition to a bouquet or a centrepiece as filler flowers.
  4. Lilacs: Undoubtedly one of the most favourite perennials that not just add beauty to its surroundings in the evening but also emit a sweet and soothing scent. Lilacs have always been a favourite of the florists for its soothing colour and amiable appearance. Place an order for a stunning lilac arrangement from your favourite florists and ask for a midnight flower delivery in Bangalore today to lull to the sweet scent and depth of the night.
  5. Dianthus: Also popular as the Cottage Pinks, the beauty of this pale pink flower can brighten up the vibe of the evening within a few seconds. Pick a stunning centrepiece from your choice of a flower shop in Bangalore and bring home a soothing arrangement of Dianthus and other pretty flowers to light up the mood of your living area or dining space.
  6. Gardenia Augusta: A wonderful addition to any garden or balcony, this pretty summer blossom is a true charmer. Its sweet smell and bright appearance make it an ideal flower for the night and also a good choice for dinner parties.
  7. Easter Lily Cactus: Nicknamed as the Night-blooming hedgehog, the Easter Lily make up a truly striking display. The tall tubes with brilliant white flowers are a sight to behold, while its sweet scent can liven up an atmosphere easily. This Easter, bring home a potted plant of Easter Lily Cactus and enjoys its beauty from up close.
  8. Rain Lilies: This nocturnal beauty is known as the fragrant plant that bears beautiful flowers after a soothing summer rain. Once the summer rain starts to pour, check in with the florist of a flower shop in Bangalore when you can bring this beauty home.
  9. Moon flower vine: This annual beauty is a charming addition to any evening garden party and can set a nice mood to your get together. This decorative flowering vine is a true beauty that bears fragrant flowers in the colour white and adds a delicate touch to the moon-lit ambience.
  10. Chocolate Daisy: Who doesn’t enjoy the scent of chocolate? By incorporating this particular daisy in your home’s bedroom or living room, you can create a sweet-smelling abode of your own. Surprise your special person with a midnight flower delivery in Bangalore of a fresh bouquet of chocolate daisy and set the right mood for a romantic and cosy date night.
  11. Queen of the Night: As the name suggests, the pretty blossom is indeed a night Queen in terms of its beauty and elegance. The fact that the flower blossoms every one or two years makes it a rare and sophisticated beauty. The unique pretty blossoms at night and can produce several large flowers all at once to create a unique show.
  12. Casa Blanca Lily: Immensely popular for its strong fragrance, the oriental hybrid is a night bloomer that can entice anybody with its beautiful appearance. The showy white blossoms of this lily are a popular choice for wedding decorations and as bouquet arrangements. Beautify your home this summer by bringing home a soothing arrangement of Casa Blanca lilies from your local flower shop in Bangalore and brighten up everybody’s mood.
  13. Tuberose: Native to Mexico, the pretty tuberose is a summer beauty that blooms at night. The exotic flowers emita sweet soothing smell and make up a comforting vase arrangement to bring home on a summer evening to enjoy a relaxed evening ambience.
  14. Angel's Trumpets: These delightful sweet-smelling flower blossoms in the shade of pink, yellow, peach and white and are usually spotted in gardens and balconies. Deemed ideal for an evening get-together or cosy dinner party, the blossoms of Angel’s Trumpet can make their way straight up to your dining table or living area as a centrepiece or tea-cup arrangement. Find out from a local flower shop in Bangalore, if they keep this wonderful blossom at their disposal and bring home the delightful beauty at the soonest.

Add a touch of nocturnal beauty to your summer garden or breezy balcony and enjoy a pleasant summer evening while being completely engrossed by their fragrance and beauty. You can also share the beauty of these amazing flowers by sending your loved ones a beautiful bouquet, centrepiece or potted version and brighten up their mood and night with your gesture.

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